Everything You Need To Know About Japanese Vases

What is a Japanese vase?

Japanese vases are made by skilled local craftsmanship that looks absolutely simple yet gorgeous. They come with finely designed simplistic rims often in different colors like in a combo of red or brown and blue or green. The inside part looks rough and bumpy. You can also find it with combo colors yellow and gray.

Japanese celadon vases look fabulous and eye-catching with some common motifs like sun & moon, lotus flowers, daruma dolls, butterflies, cherry blossoms, paper holders, gourds, cranes, plums, koi fish, etc. Plus, an elegant Japanese vase comes with an open style of airy and loose characteristics.

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Kähler Hammershøi Vase, Ceramic

Oriental Blue and White Ceramic Vase Set

Belleek 2675 Kylemore Vase

ufengke Jingdezhen Large Fishtail Ceramic Floor Vase

High Desktop Minimalist White Ceramic Vases

Oriental Famille Rose Porcelain Flower Vase

Ceramic Vases Set of 3 for Home Decor

Retro White Porcelain Ceramic Vase

Yuyi Red Porcelain Vase Chinese Painting

Hosley Set of 3 Black Ceramic Vases

I owned a footed wide-mouth Japanese bronze vase. I used to display cherry blossoms on this mouth-sized vase. It looks really lovely. Always in my room, I feel blessed and lovely with this beauty. It makes my mind jolly, spreading a lovely aroma. Japanese vases are small yet gorgeous options for wedding decoration and event centerpieces.

Japanese bronze vase

What is the distinction between Chinese or Japanese porcelain?

Chinese and Japanese vases come to the market with the same look as well. It is often confusing to say either it is Japanese or Chinese. If you truly want a Japanese chokin vase, you need to observe the texture. You know what? There is a texture difference between Japanese and Chinese vases. Chinese vases come with a smooth texture whereas Japanese vases come with an orange peel style texture. Both two are completely different.

What is a Nippon mark?

You’ll find a Nippon mark on every Japanese product. Why? The best meaning of Nippon is ‘Made in Japan’. If you’re truly looking for a Japanese imari vase, look out for the trademark underside of the ceramics. If there is a ‘Nippon mark’, you’re on the point.

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How much are Japanese vases worth?

A real green vase Japanese zelkova is worth the money. In general, the values vary depending on the type of materials. You’ll find both higher and cheaper versions. You can get a cheap value Nippon vase in the price range between $100 to $500. For a high-quality and elegant vase, you need to expand more than $1000 to $6000.

How to indicate an antique Japanese vase?

Japanese vases sometimes come with expensive materials like antiques. How to tell if a Japanese vase is valuable? Antique vases are made of high-quality materials like glass or porcelain. Real antique vases have specific characteristics. I’m gonna tell 5 easy steps to say if a Japanese vase is valuable-

Step 1:

First, look at the trademark properly. In every product, there remains a trademark of its company and sometimes the name of the designer. Real antique designers always used to paint or engrave their name into the bottom with the company name. There are different marks in different years. You’ll find antique catalogs to indicate if it is valuable.

Step 2:

Secondly, check out the glass composition. Most antique vases come with metallic paint that makes them heavier and thicker than ordinary glass vases. Original antique vases are thicker than other fake ones.

Step 3:

Most antique designers used to hand-blown the glass by hand. This makes the rest of the vase more shiny and smooth. So, it’s the third sign if you find hand-blown edges to the bottom of the vase, it is an original antique vase for sure. Sometimes, designers put their signatures on it.

Step 4:

Overmark in the bottom is the fourth sign to indicate if a vase is valuable or antique. It was branded on the underside of a vase over the original designer’s tag from 1880 to 1930. So, look for the overmark included in the vase. The overmark helps the customers to choose the best one.

Step 5:

All Japanese products carry a ‘Nippon mark’ on their body. It’s a tradition. From 1921, Japanese designers started to include their trademark ‘Nippon’ which means ‘Made in Japan’ on the bottom of the vase. It is the very last sign to indicate the antique vases. You often find the manufacturing date with the manufacturer’s name accompanied by the vase.

Hopefully, these easy techniques would help you to say if a Japanese vase is valuable or not. But one more thing! Remember, every single artist or company won’t do the same methods to mark his work. So, every antique vase can’t possess the same aspects as I described above. 

What are the best Japanese vases available in the market?

The natural touch of flowers can get off all your anxiety in pinkies. You can place a fresh or faux stem through the hole in the handle or a smaller bunching that fits neatly under the handle. Japanese vases can be a vast place to enjoy. You’ll be glad to know, today, you’re gonna find various Japanese vases for sale on Amazon. We come here with some of our favorite home-style Japanese vases for you. We’re going to discuss the 5 best bud vases on the market. I hope you can get one that is made for you.

  • Bloomingville Stoneware Handle & Latex Glaze, Brown Vase

Bloomingville Stoneware is one of the best-budget Japanese vases that come with elegant and attractive ceramics with handles. It is gonna be an eye-dashing addition to your decor. The stoneware of the vase is designed with a rich brown latex glaze having a satiny finish. Equipped with a modish and fun emphasis, or becomes an eye-catching piece in any room in your home.

The narrow neck of the vase is big enough to hold plenty of flower stems and buds. You can place a fresh or faux stem through the hole in the handle or a smaller bunching that fits neatly under the handle. It measures 5″ Round x 10.75″H. You can display cut flowers with small stems, small bouquets, or other decorative components on a Japanese glass vase.

  • Bloomingville Metal & Glass Lantern, Black Candle Holder

Bloomingville Metal & Glass Lantern comes to the market with an elegant look including a handsomely stunning metal and glass lantern. The glass has a classic matte black finish with clear glass cabinets. It is suitable for decorating a living room, bedroom, or office that will fill out a modern or contemporary style.

This Japanese vase is additionally attractive in that you can use it to display both fresh or faux flower stems. It measures 8.5″ Square x 18.5″H, available in different sizes and shapes. It is incredibly a versatile option for decorating homes.

  • Ikebana Flower Vase, Japanese Ceramic, Oval

Ikebana Flower Vase is beautifully crafted by competent craftsmanship of Japan precisely for the art of Ikebana flower arrangement. It is a versatile option for basic through advanced or freestyle floral Ikebana. It comes with a rustic look crafted by durable ceramic for modern flower arrangements.

You can easily make a dramatic arrangement using just a few flower stems or the essence of ikebana. It can be a versatile option for delicate guests with a sturdy form and inspired design.

  • 20″ Classic Blue and White Porcelain Ceramic Floral Temple Ginger Jar Vase

Classic Blue and White Japanese Porcelain (20″) vases are the best Japanese vase packed with a lot of features. It is the most classic and popular-sized shape vase in China and Japan. come to the market in different sizes and shapes with elegant designs.

This vase is incredibly designed with vine and flower patterns and around the vase, you’ll find a sea wave pattern on the neck. It is 20-inches tall and 11 inches in diameter. The amazing matter is they are Fair Trade Certified to give you the best feel for the purchase.

  • Georgetown Pottery Small Round Ikebana Flower Vase, Blue Wave

Georgetown Pottery, a small round Japanese vase is typically used for displaying ikebana flowers. It comes with an impressive blue color that’s why it’s often called a blue wave vase.

They are made by Japanese local pottery artists with an inspired design. It looks lovely, elegant, and simply graceful.

The vase is designed with fine porcelain clay in the USA. Plus, the pin frog style can expand the life of the flowers for up to 3 weeks. It is one of the Japanese best-selling vases that are nationally recognized and traded in galleries, gift shops, and showrooms.


Who doesn’t cherish natural beauty? Flowers vases are the best beauty of nature. A Japanese vase can be a great option to display natural beauties. From home decorating to event centerpieces, Japanese vases can be a versatile and eye-catching option for declaration. We’ve years of experience working with real Japanese products.

KUTANI YAKI(ware) Vase Crane and gold clouds

KUTANI YAKI(ware) Vase Crane and gold clouds
BrandColourMaterialCustomer Reviews
Kutani YakiMultiCeramic4.5 out of 5 stars

Jusalpha Elegant Home Decor Ceramic Vase 01

Jusalpha Elegant Home Decor Ceramic Vase 01
BrandColourMaterialCustomer Reviews
JusalphaWhaiteCeramic4.4 out of 5 stars

Handmade Cute Flower Vase for Home Décor

Handmade Cute Flower Vase for Home Décor
BrandColourMaterialCustomer Reviews
HjnBlueCeramic4.7 out of 5 stars

Famille Rose Porcelain Flower Vase

Famille Rose Porcelain Flower Vase
BrandShapeMaterialCustomer Reviews
DahliaRoundPorcelain4.6 out of 5 stars

Hosley Set of 3 Black Ceramic Vases

Hosley Set of 3 Black Ceramic Vases
BrandShapeMaterialCustomer Reviews
HosleyBudCeramic4.5 out of 5 stars

White Ceramic Vase with Stand

White Ceramic Vase with Stand
BrandShapeMaterialCustomer Reviews
UfengkeRoundCeramic4.6 out of 5 stars

So, we’ve talked about exciting things here you need to know about a Japanese vase. You’ll also get the 5 best market demanding Japanese vases with details. I hope this article will be beneficial to you. Plus, you’re gonna get 5 easy steps to indicate which one is worth the money.

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