Tips About Amber Glass Vase You Need To Know

amber glass vases are the perfect way to add personality, flavor, and some twist to your wedding or home decor. The use of color creates a dynamic statement. So, whether an amber glass vase is the centerpiece of your centerpiece or it’s adding a subtle pop of color to your overall style scheme, you can rely on these pieces to make an impact. At Jamal Garden, we carry a wide collection of amber glass vases to choose from.

Our selections range from traditional silver, platinum, nickel, and chrome to amber, blue, black, white, mosaic glass, and other alluring tones. We are sure that our wide inventory has something of your choice.

Diamond Star Rustic Glass Bottle Vase

Diamond Star Rustic Glass Bottle Vase

Transparent Flower and Filler Bubble Glass

Transparent Flower and Filler Bubble Glass

Dartington Crystal Vase

Dartington Crystal Vase

amber glass vase vintage

For vintage-inspired weddings or home decor with a vintage feeling, we’ve got an array of antique-colored glass vases to choose from. For example, our antique silver mercury glass pedestal vase is a beautiful way to display small flower arrangements. You can buy bulk to create an elegant focal point for a wedding reception or to use a single vase as an accent for your bookshelf. Want something more vibrant shade? Inspired by our blue medicine bottle bud vase. These resemble the sophisticated vintage bottles of the past and will look lovely with your favorite items.

Amber glass vase set

Want to bring some retro flair to your wedding or special event? Then you will like our amber medicine bottle vase. Each piece of six sets resembles the size of a classic medicine bottle that was used in the past. The amber color has a lovely vintage feel.

amber glass vase large

You can shop for vases at various stores, but you will not find as diverse and beautiful collections as the selection of stained glass vases available at Wavy Commerce. These pots come in every shape and size, including sophisticated cylinder vases, modern-inspired square, and cube vases, traditional trumpet vases, charming bud, and fishball vases, and even spirited hanging vases. The possibilities are almost endless! Also, you can buy all of our stained glass vases in bulk so you can save the amount you need to create inspirational event decorations.
what decor goes with an amber vase
If you want to give your traditional wedding a vibrant and vibrant look, try adding some chic colored glass vases. Highlight the vibrant colors of your flower arrangement with our pewter and rusty ombre vase. Or, give your centerpiece a luxurious appeal with our Diamond-Cut Dark Amber Glass Vase or our Amber Gold Fluted Bud Vase.

amber glass vase

amber glass vases wholesale

Whether shopping for wedding decor or searching for that perfect accent for your home or office, Jamali Garden is the best supplier of unique and vibrant wholesale decor in the industry. Buy your colorful vase today to get the amount you need to give a bright accent to any setting.

Contemporary and modern style stained glass vase

For events, weddings, and more contemporary aesthetic homes, you’ll love the clean, geometric lines and dark color palette that characterizes our many colorful vases. Our attractive black glass cylinder vases will look beautiful with a bright white bouquet display. Or, choose our Bevel Edge Amber Square vase as part of a bright accent for your restaurant or hotel lobby.


It’s easy to get green in the case of wedding flowers. Consult with Mother Nature for inspiration and bring things in and out Stones, leaves, pine cones, and even stalks can add an organic aesthetic to your reception decor. Place in rustic containers or spread between pillar candles for the extra environment.

Seeking more to personalize their weddings, brides use their wedding flowers for special occasions, incorporate unique items in the bouquet and center and create a conversation for the guests. For example, bookworms may use intricately piled leather-bound books in place of flower focal points, and wine lovers may use wine bottles and decanters as focal containers.

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