Best Antique Copper Vases: Pros And Cons

Collecting antique items is a hobby or desire of some people for its beauty, rarity, age, and so many unique features. Also, antique items can give your house a super vintage look.

For your consideration, if you don’t know, there are many antique items available for household decorations. Among them, the most popular ones are copper vases, copper pots.

They hold flowers and provide the place with a different yet colorful vintage view. We know you are here to find a suitable one that suits your needings.

That’s why we bring you a list of the 7 worth antique copper vase recommendations that will bloom the interior of your house.

Before that you know about copper vase

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What is a copper vase?

A copper vase is a vessel that will go well into your home year after year. And the copper vase will make your room look much better. Which will come in handy, including the beauty of your home.

Why buy a copper vase?

In fact, it would be very difficult to answer this question, because those who love copper know the value of copper. You are now in the medieval position. Think about how your ancestors liked copper and how much copper was valued in the past! And now how about a copper pot or a copper vase. The more you go ahead, the weaker the copper vase will be. So buy a copper vase today without delay. Which will go with the beauty of your home year after year.

How to recognize a copper vase?

The only way to recognize a copper vase is to hit the pot with any iron you have. You will see the copper vase sounding like a bell. If you see the sound waves coming and going, then you will understand that it is made of original copper. And if the sound wave from the copper pot is going away very quickly, then understand that it is not the original copper.

Below are some original copper vases, from which you will get good service.

Products Picture

Products Name

Products Rating

Products Check

Bloomingville Oxidized Copper Finish Metal Vase

Antique Copper Cylinder Vase

American-Made Copper Patina Square Mantel Vase

Leaf Design UK Large Hammered Metal Vase

Heather Ann Creations Milana Foiled

Shop Vase Antique Iron(Copper)

Pure Copper and Purple Bronze Vase

Modern Fashion Vase Metal Small Copper 

Gilt Vase Old Tibetan Pure Copper

Antique Copper Vase

An antique copper vase is a vintage-looking vase for flowers. They come in different shapes, various shades but in the same color.

These vases are made of pure copper. Therefore they are more durable than usual flower vases made of other metals.

For bringing a classy look and vintage style, copper vases are popular as a home decor item.

Although they are a little costly, the beautiful impact they have in changing the view of your house makes them worth spending money for.

For any party decoration, they are a must to have a product. Whatever the occasion is, antique copper vases with some flowers will light up the prettiness of your house.

Where To Use Antique Copper Vase? 

Antique copper vases can enhance the look of your home, office, or any other place.

If you own a restaurant, then you must have some pretty-looking copper flower vases. Keep them on your office table and let them refresh you.

Looking at something vintage style with fresh flowers can reduce some stress in an instant. Also, use them at parties no matter they are big or small parties.

These copper vases are also put outside of the house and at the window side with some large or small in size flowers to bring a vintage, nice look to your house.

Antique Copper Vases
Antique Copper Vases

Why Antique Copper Vase Is Used?

The essential purposes of an antique copper vase are holding flowers, making the house atmosphere old and vintage, and increasing your house’s beauty on special occasions.

They are luxurious items so, some people love to make a collection of them and use them to create a different theme inside their habitat. You will also see them at parties, and they are decorated with various colorful flowers.

Especially a flower lover will use antique copper vase because they can arrange the flowers properly inside them.

Best Antique Copper Vase Reviews

Here are the best 7 antique copper flower vases we have picked. You can get a detailed idea of each of these vases by going through this in-depth overview.

1.Hammered Small Solid Copper Vase 8 8

Hammered Small Solid Copper Vase 8 8
Hammered Small Solid Copper Vase 8 8

Do you want to bring vintage vibes to your house? Hammered’s small, solid copper vase will beautify your place with the vintage vibes you dream of having.

Made of 100% authentic copper with zero mixture of other material, makes it a splendid antique vase for both inner and outer sides.

It’s mainly ideal for small plants like herbs and tiny flower plants. However, its mind-boggling color can have an effect on your house environment.

Forget tarnishing your vase since it’s already coated with the best quality food-grade coating that is, lacquer. In addition, its durability will surprise you because the product is of high-class copper.

Unlike other general metals like stainless steel,  zinc, nickel, copper lasts longer. This hand-hammered finished vase is an ideal thing to gift anyone, no matter the occasion.

Put it anywhere in the house and let it change the look of your habitat right away. You must give it a shot at least once because if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you are guaranteed to get 100% of your money spent.


  • Made using 100% authentic copper to ensure durability
  • The antique look gives the house a vintage view
  • Used food grade color coating for a lasting lifetime
  • Beauties any place wherever it is put
  • If any dissatisfaction, the consumer will get all his money back for sure


  • The price could be a little lower


It’s a fact that high-quality products cost higher. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth the purchase. On the contrary, all the positive reviews it got and all the fantastic purposes it serves make it worthy of investing flower vase.

2.Antique Cylinder Copper Vase

Antique Cylinder Copper Vase
.Antique Cylinder Copper Vase

We know it’s better to have more flower bases than one. But, the more flowers you keep in pretty vases, the more your home blooms. That’s why Seren Spaces are offering a six pieces antique copper vase set.

Its vintage style will bring a massive change to your home or office look. So why should you choose them?

Let us explain the reason. It’s not only used for holding flowers, but the user can also use them as holders of the votive.

Its great space allows you to put many flowers. It’s handmade, meaning it’s made with care and the right amount of components.

Although, this makes them differ from each other if you compare the color and texture of them altogether.

One thing you need to remember always, take care of it daily by cleaning it with a piece of lint-free, clean, and soft cloth.


  • Comes with the smooth finish of mercury glass to give it a stunning vintage look
  • You can use it for holding votives and flowers
  • Comes in a set of 6 pieces for versatile uses
  • Made using hands with care and love and high-class copper
  • If Taken care of properly, it will last longer


  • The price is a bit higher


Overall, the comparison among its quality, durability, affordability have led us to this opinion that it is a must-have antique vase. Any antique item costs a little more than usual products. Therefore we think that it’s fair enough to spend some cash on it.

3.Mini Egg Copper Pot Vase

Mini Egg Copper Pot Vase
Mini Egg Copper Pot Vase

A mini egg copper pot vase is produced and manufactured by serene spaces living with a genuine aspect.

Its vintage color, along with the polished, shiny finish, looks so attractive in the eyes that it will stun whoever will see it.

Arrange it with any flower and see for yourself how beautifully it adjusts with your home environment. In addition, it can last for a more extended period than many other ordinary flower vases.

Put it on a coffee table, at the corner of your balcony, or anywhere else. Let it enhance that place’s beauty ten times.

Its round shape and perfect size make it an antique vase that you can use anywhere. 

This flower vase is so good that keeping it at your house will return you the satisfaction you want.


  • Premium in quality copper made antique flower vase is amazingly durable
  • The round shape looks pretty attractive no matter what flower you put into it
  • Comes with ideal size to put it anywhere in your home
  • Smoothly finished with shining, polished outer surface
  • Available in unique vintage color


  • If not taken care of, it will be damaged


Since any product requires proper maintenance and care, we don’t count its con as a big deal. Instead, we would highly recommend it because it’s hard to find a negative review on it. Instead, it proves how surprisingly good it is.

4.Round Tall Copper Glass

Round Tall Copper Glass
Round Tall Copper Glass

If you want an antique copper flower vase different from most of the vases, choose the round tall copper glass. It will not only bring the vintage, antique style but will also make any decoration standard.

It’s specially produced for decorating at occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. However, you can use it for the daily decor too.

It’s a high-quality glass copper vase. Therefore it will not break easily. Confidently gift it to any of your friends or family members because we guarantee they will love to have a unique piece of art.

Any flower in it will look flawlessly pretty. Its metallic yet glass characteristic are eye-catching indeed.

Use as many of them as you can. It can only increase the beauty in the environment and atmosphere. It’s worth buying the product for its excellence in serving for years.


  • A tremendous antique copper vase to decorate on special occasions
  • Best for gifting anybody for its epic and delicate design
  • Ideal as a displayed flower vase
  • The satisfaction is guaranteed 100%
  • Strong enough to get broken


  • Not a spacious vase for holding many flowers


We researched on round tall copper glass and found each detail. We saw almost zero negative reviews. The only issue here is the space. If you prefer space, you can go for other copper vases. This tall design is instead the specialty that makes it look prettier.

5.CopperBull Demmex Copper Vase

CopperBull Demmex Copper Vase
CopperBull Demmex Copper Vase

What makes an antique copper vase different? First, of course, it’s the shape. Since the copper vase colors don’t differ much from one another, their shapes give them various looks.

Now, you would always want to get yourself a vase that is unique, right? So then CopperBull demmex copper vase is the correct item.

The vase has a pure old look that gives it a total vintage vibe. It’s finished with a shinier, smoother outer surface that catches the attention of everyone.

Any flower will seem more pretty when you will put them into this vintage copper vase. It’s durable because it’s produced with pure copper.

It will do a great job as a gift for birthdays and anniversaries. Then, put them as decor in wedding functions and see how beautifully it will adjust with the party environment.


  • It’s created from pure copper so that it will live for a lifetime
  • Carefully made using hands to give the artistic touch to your home
  • A perfect item to gift anybody and on any occasion
  • 7.5″ long flawlessly shaped to keep long and medium height flowers
  • Brings a classy and vintage look to your home


  • A bit highly rated at the price

Verdict Except for the price rate, we don’t see any other reason to avoid it. It’s not cheap, but it’s not overpriced as well. The quality and service it will provide will pay it all off.

6.Serene Spaces Decorative Flower Copper Vase

Serene Spaces Decorative Flower Copper Vase
Serene Spaces Decorative Flower Copper Vase

Let us tell you about a simple shaped yet classy copper vase for flowers. Serene Spaces Living is a big brand and is well known for producing outstanding antique copper vases.

For daily decoration of indoor and outdoor this flower, the base is a perfect one. Put your favorite flowers in it and keep them on the dinner table when throwing a party. It will surely enhance the party vibes.

They come in the same color but in various shades. It means you can purchase 5,6 pieces of different shades and increase the classiness in your house.

It looks like a luxury product, hence use them in large get-togethers like engagement, wedding parties. Moreover, it has excellent space for putting many different flowers.

No chance of getting broken or damaged. Even they don’t quickly get scratches or taps on them. As a result, they are one of the top products recommended by users.


  • The shiny copper vase will bring the natural vintage style into your life
  • Made of genuine copper so it will live a long time
  • Useful for versatile occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, thanksgiving
  • An ideal product to gift your friends and family
  • Great place inside of the base to keep many flowers


  • The color can fade away if not taken care of regularly

Verdict In general, the Serene Spaces Decorative Flower copper vase serves the purpose it promised. However, if you compare its price and its usefulness, you will invest in purchasing it.

7.Serene Spaces Copper Pedestal Bowl

Serene Spaces Copper Pedestal Bowl
Serene Spaces Copper Pedestal Bowl

Take advantage of the vintage environment in your house with the serene spaces copper pedestal bowl. Its unique bowl-style design offers a classy view.

The big spaced flower vase can hold a good number of flowers. But, no matter where you want to put it, you will see it changing the room’s look.

Among all the products we chose, this looked most antique. Get them before any festival, occasion, or special day and surprise the guests.

You can also use them at wedding parties. You should purchase many of them if you have a party coming to your place soon.


  • Created with a pure copper finish to maintain a premium quality
  • Gift it to your loved ones and bring a smile to their faces
  • Perfect for decorating at various parties
  • Huge spaced copper flower vase with many flowers holding capacity
  • It will not be ruined if it falls on the ground


  • The price seemed high


Getting your hands on one of them will never let you regret it. The quality is superior, and the design is unique.

 The usefulness is versatile. What else do we need? About the price, it is indeed highly-priced but also worth the money.


Where can I find antique copper vases?

Antique copper vases are luckily available at all types of flower vase stores. You can find them in online stores as well as physical stores for flower bases.
But the best is to purchase online because there you will have plenty of various options.

How good are antique copper vases?

The antique copper vase is an outstanding flower vase. The way it can change the view of a place with its beauty is unexplainable.
They are so eyeing catchy that any guest will be surprised seeing it. Copper vases are so good that they are often used for any kind of decorative purposes.

Are our antique copper vases worth the money?

Yes, an antique copper vase is worth the money because of its beauty and versatile usages. They not only create a classy vibe in the place you put it but also arranges flower amazingly.
They can be put anywhere, such as on the top of a table, on a bookshelf, at the window corner, outside of the house, and so on. A value for money product indeed.

Are our antique copper vases cheap?

Well, any product has a cheaper version and a luxurious version. So do the copper vase. Antique copper vases are generally a bit higher in price.
That’s why they are used for decorative purposes and to gift people on special occasions. You can find cheaper copper vases, too, but they are false products. Purchasing them will not be a wise choice.
Since they are cheap, the chances are high that the quality is poor. But, on the other hand, a bit high in price copper vases are guaranteed with the premium quality. So, they are not at all cheap.

Final Words

Any antique items are eye-catching and, so people love buying and collecting them. Usually, antique items are expensive, but antique copper vases are affordable at least.

We believe you will be satisfied after purchasing our suggested copper flower vase suggestions.

Before saying goodbye, take one helpful little tip; always maintain and keep your antique copper vase clean to make it live for a lifetime.

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