Interesting Aspects About Bong Shaped Vases: All Should Have Been

Bong is a common name that is an important tool for every weed stoner. It refers to one of the best friends of all weed users who want to increase their weed-smoking game level. You barely find a real weed lover without a bong.

Although it is related to weed, you can’t display it in your room. You need to hide bongs from others. Otherwise, you may have to face different issues, people might peek at you differently or ask you annoying questions. When it comes to hiding bongs, using bong shaped vases is a great idea. Don’t let anyone find out that you are a weed smoker.

Bongs that look like vases work as a two-in-one device. It not only lets you smoke weed but also can be a great source of your home decor. The vases look incredible with different floral arrangements. If you are living with your parents but still you are a bong user, it’s time to confuse your parents using bong-like vases.

If you are a weed stoner, you come to the right place. Here, in this post, you are going to know mysterious things you ever heard about bong flower vases. Keep reading the post:

History Of Bong Vases:

Bong shaped vases were first initiated by Kat Briceno who used to smoke marijuana for several years. In 2017, Mx. Briceno with her team turned an antique vase into a bong. In ancient times, mass-market bongs seemed to be a piece of hardware with an ugly look. People had to hide the bongs behind the closet.

Then, one day, while Kat Briceno was working in the flea market as a vintage seller, she noticed a plethora of narrow-necked vases. The vases seemed like the general shape of bongs having a wide base. She also tested the wide base by filling it with water. She experimented with the narrow neck of the vase as a smoke chamber as well as a mouthpiece.

Kat Briceno then began to collect the vases and tried to drill a hole near the base. The vases also contain a fixed-down stem along with a detachable bowl in order to hold weeds. After that, she designed the pressed flower bong vases elegantly with this in mind of weed stoners.

When Briceno posted the pictures of the vases, they immediately got viral. She received so many requests from weed smokers if the vases were available for sale. Day by day, the vases become so popular and widely sold.

And then, she started a business with floral bongs for sale in 2018. The bongs are now sold at between $77 to $400. The bong vases look so amazing with beautiful floral arrangements. You can display the vases to your showcase and it works as a showpiece also.

How To Create A Bong Flower Vase Arrangement?

Creating a bong flower vase arrangement can be a great idea to hide bongs from others. Besides, arranging bong shaped vases with different colorful flowers and greeneries you can decor your home including the dining room, living room, guest room, kitchen, farmhouse, office, and so on! The vases make a contemporary sense and tint of creativity to your home. Let’s talk about a clear flower bong vase arrangement step-by-step:

  • Pour clean water into the bong shaped vase. Avoid filling water up to the neck.
  • Collect two elegant stems of the leather leaf. Then strip off the ground leaves from the stems. Give two stems an equal size.
  • Now, select flowers that you are want to display in your vase. Trim the flowers and leather leaf perfectly so that they suit your vase. For cutting the sizes, you better use a floral knife.
  • Make sure to gunk off the brown part of the stems. Otherwise, it may make the water dirty. Use a paper towel down the stem for the purpose.
  • Now, place the leather leaf stably back to back in the bong shaped vase.
  • It’s time to make a standard carnation using three beautiful flowers. You can use the same color or go for different colors as your choice. But make the carnations equal in size.
  • Place the first flower perfectly at the tip of the leather leaf. Set the second flower carnation to the side or middle of the leather leaf. And lastly, place the next flower at the bottom.
  • After that, let’s make the arrangement more appealing with a spray type of flower that perfectly matches the color of the first flower carnations. Color matching is very important to get a perfect resin flower bong arrangement.
  • Use smaller spray types of flowers to fill the gap of the vase. Make sure the perfect visual balance of arrangements.
  • Finally, give the arrangement a unique touch with the baby’s breath (gyp). It fills the empty spaces and looks very amazing.
  • Place the flowers perfectly so that all the flowers touch with the water. It’s very important to keep the flowers fresh for a longer period.
  • Lastly, you can make the arrangement more elegant using a floral wire. Stick it to your bong shaped vase so that all the arrangements adjust perfectly.
  • So, your floral arrangement is ready for decoration. You can also send it to your beloved ones as a gift.

How Do You Set Up And Smoke From Your Bong Shaped Vase?

Some companies like my bud vase offer bong-shaped vases. It is very easy and simple to use my bud vase. But you should know the perfect setup. Let’s talk about how to set up the vases and smoke from the bong shaped vases:

  • Fill it up: First, you need to cover the top of the downstem with enough water. Fill my bud vase valerie with enough water. The vase also features a natural water pipe filtration liquid that is also called “Piece Water”. It helps to fill the vase perfectly with water.
  • Break it up: Now, it’s time for grinding the flowers or weeds you want to smoke. Pack the grinding powder perfectly into the slide bowl. Don’t attempt to be too loose or too tight. Make sure the sufficient airflow.
  • Bend it up: Pour the packed slide bowl underneath my bud vase nightingale. Now, bend the vase into your mouth through the mouthpiece. Drag the slide bowl gradually and try to inhale.
  • Finish it up: Attempt to fill the entire bong with smoke. Then slowly inhale the remaining smoke by grabbing the bowl out.
  • Clear it up: If the ground flower gets clogged to the bowl, clear the bowl using the flower poker. Luckily, you will get the flower poker with my bud vase.

Best Bong Shaped Vase

Glass Bọṇg for Wẹēd Smọkịṇg Large Unbreakable Maple Leaf Glass Vạsẹ

Glass Bọṇg for Wẹēd Smọkịṇg Large Unbreakable Maple

Brand Color Material Customer reviews Market
EPIC POETRY Blue Purple Glass 0 Amazon

Chinese Bottle Shaped

Chinese Bottle Shaped

Brand Material Shape Item Weight Customer reviews
Dahlia Porcelain Bottle 2 pounds 5

Grass Glass – Bong Shapped Vase Or Drinking Glass

Grass Glass – Bong Shapped Vase Or Drinking Glass

Manufacturer Item Weight Market Place Brand Customer reviews
UTD 13.6 ounces Amazon Urban Trend 3.3

MyGift 12-Inch Green Glass Cactus Flower Vase

MyGift 12-Inch Green Glass Cactus Flower Vase

Brand Material Color Item Weight Batteries Required?
MyGift Glass Green 7.2 ounces No

MyGift White Unglazed Ceramic Tear Drop Design Air Plant Container Vase

MyGift White Unglazed Ceramic Tear Drop Design

Brand Material Finish Type Color Customer reviews

White 4.5

Flames Graphic – Small Portable Glass Bottle Water Pipe Mini Hookah

Flames Graphic

Manufacturer Material Group Market Customer reviews
Aura Variety Glass 6 Amazon 4.00

Gold 33-inch Metal Funnel Vase Table Lamp

Gold 33-inch Metal Funnel Vase Table Lamp

Brand Material Collection Weight Switch
Rugs USA 100% Iron Angstrom 11 lbs On-Off Socket

Last Few Words:

If you are a weed lover, you land in the right place. So here, in this article, we have gone over important things you should have been about bong shaped vases. This post is more effective for those who want to increase their weed-smoking grade level. Although weed smoking is nowadays allowed in almost 35 states, it is restricted for you if you have a medical condition. Be careful about that. Enjoy the post.

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