Exciting Things All Should Know About Brass Indian Vases

If you prefer a traditional look in your home, brass Indian vases are going to be your perfect choice. These vases help to represent your tradition with unique engravings including flowers, vines, animals, scripts, religious symbols, and so on! But choosing the solid antique brass vases from India is very important.

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Brass Vases From India


The solid brass vases with valuable antique finish make a sense of tradition to your room. When it comes to decorating rooms with brass vases, you should know several things about Indian brass vases. Go through this post about the fascinating things about brass Indian vases you haven’t heard before.

What Are Brass Indian Vases?

Brass is an alloy metal that is made with a mixture of copper and zinc. The copper and zinc materials give the brass a glossy finish with a gold appearance. The beautiful texture of brass inspires Indian artisans to build embellished flower vases in ancient periods. Indian brass flower vases are handcrafted by skilled craftsmanship in India.

Indian brass vases are unbreakable and have a striking meenakari work. The meenakari finish gives the vases extra value when decorating with colorful flowers. Besides, the meenakari work represents the tradition of the Indian people. The vases become more appealing with the valuable antique finish. The traditional metalwork and artistry embellish the design and patterns of antique Indian brass vases.

Typically, brass vases made in India contain unique engravings to illustrate the culture of this nation. The distinctive engravings include flowers, vines, animals, scripts, religious symbols, and much more! High-grade India brass vases are etched meticulously with traditional designs and patterns. Coming with an outstanding shape and dramatic design, brass vases are perfect for all decorative settings.

The elegant design of vases complements all blooms no matter what you are using for arrangements. The glittering shine and incredible style can embellish all places in no time. The rustproof India brass bud vases don’t get black but are polished with shine. They can be the perfect decor when organizing with different blooms, foliage, and greeneries. Let’s add more value to your home with these traditional brass Indian vases.

What Procedures Are Used To Decor Brass Indian Antique Vases?

India has 4000 years of history in creating metal crafts. In this manner, small brass vases made in India are adorned with a combination of traditional methods. The methods are:


This is the first step to make vases. Casting is done to develop patterns from seal wax enabling metalsmiths to produce very precise decors.


In this method, artisans used to handcraft decorative designs into the vases with the help of sharp tools. After the etching process, the vase gets a three-dimensional design.


This process comprises adjusting the enamel into the vase. After fitting the gems into the vase, the vase gets glossy color and intricate works.


Painting is the last step for making brass vases. In this process, the vases are crafted with additional colors and engravings. The vases look very stunning after painting.

Where Were Antique Brass Indian Vases Made?

Most commonly, maximum Indian brass vases antique were introduced from Wales during the 16th century through the 19th century. But some artisans of India used to create their own traditional brass vases following the Indian traditional methods. First, they used to make the metals, then sent the metals to the skilled artisans. The artisans then made vases from the metals through traditional Indian methods. India brass vase value is more than other metals due to its antique finishes.

Most commonly solid brass vases made in India were manufactured in the Kamrup and Telangana regions. The maker’s sign included in the vase informs you where the vase was manufactured.

Is Brass From India Worth Anything?

When you get the real antique brass vase, it will be worth the money. But identifying the real antique brass is somewhat tricky. Let us discuss the following steps on telling if brass vases from India are worth anything:

Step 1:

The very first technique to examine the solid brass can be done with the help of a magnet. First, hold the magnet against the vase. If you feel any pull, then be sure that the vase is brass plated but not real brass. If you don’t feel any attraction, then it is a solid brass vase.

Step 2:

Closely observe the vase. Solid Indian vases antique have colors from red to yellow. Most importantly, the solid antique vases contain metallic paints that make the vase heavier. The metallic paints are the reason for the antique brass vase value. Most antique designers used to etch their names on the bottom of the vases.

Step 3:

Solid antique vases are most precisely hand-blown by skilled artisans. The handblown design makes the vases more smooth and glossy. This makes the brass vase price higher than other models. If the vase becomes hand-blown, you will get the hand-blown edges at the rest of the vase. It helps you to know whether the vase is of a real antique.

Step 4:

Antique Indian brass vases are overmarked with the original designer’s tag underneath the vase. If you find this tag, be sure that you have a real one.

Step 5:

In most cases, there remains a trademark of the real company included in the vase. Be sure to check out the trademark. If there is anything like the trademark or the designer’s name, then there’s no doubt that it is a real antique brass vase. 

Best Indian brass vases

Brass Vase Indian Antiques. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that has a bright gold appearance when new or a weathered patina when older.

Made of Brass – Large 9.25-inch high Vase

Akanksha ArtsBrassBottleAmazonGolden

Made of Brass – 7.3 inch high Vase 

Made of Brass - 7.3 inch high Vase
ColorBrandCustomer RatingMarketItem Weight
Golden, RedAkanksha Arts3.2Amazon1.15 pounds

Made of Brass – 8 inch high Vase – A Rare Indian Decor

Made of Brass - 8 inch high Vase - A Rare Indian Décor
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightCustomer reviews
Akanksha ArtsBlackBrass8 ounces3.8

Craft Trade Brass Flower Vase Liquor Pot Decorative Printed Showpiece

Craft Trade Brass Flower Vase Liquor Pot Decorative Printed Showpiece for Home Decor Lounge Dining
BrandMaterialColorItem WeightCustomer Reviews
Craft TradeWoodDesign 164.3 ounces3.3

Perfect Memorials Pink Butterfly Flower Brass Keepsake Cremation Urn

Perfect Memorials Pink Butterfly Flower Brass Keepsake Cremation Urn
BrandItem WeightCustomer reviewsMaterialBatteries Required?
Perfect Memorials4.8 ounces4.8BrassNo

Indian Artistic Brass Flower Pot Handmade

Indian Artistic Brass Flower Pot Handmade
BrandMaterialCountry of OriginDate First AvailableProduct Quantity
GenericBrassIndiaMarch 4, 2021Only One

IndianShelf Handmade Antique Brass Cup Flower Vase

IndianShelf Handmade Antique Brass Cup Flower Vase
BrandMaterialItem WeightCountry of OriginDate First Available
Indian ShelfBrass1.61 poundsIndiaNovember 27, 2020

Vintage Engraved Brass Vase

Vintage Engraved Brass Vase
BrandHeightWidthSelling fast!Market
Made in India15.7 centimeters7 centimetersOnly 1 leftEtsy

Indian Puja Plate Worship Spiritual Gifts Pack of 5

Indian Puja Plate Worship Spiritual Gifts Pack of 5
BrandColorMaterialManufacturerCustomer reviews
DiolloGoldenBrassdiollo3.8 out of 5

Brushed Brass Plated Metal Round Bowl

Brushed Brass Plated Metal Round Bowl
BrandColorMaterialManufacturerCustomer reviews
MyGiftGoldenBrassMyGift3.8 out of 5

Decorative Brass Urli – Floating Flower Pot

Decorative Brass Urli - Floating Flower Pot
BrandColorMaterialManufacturerCustomer reviews
AakratiBrown and YellowBrassAakrati3.9 out of 5

Diya Brass Lamp Traditional Puja Lotus feet Pooja Set Oil Deepak

Diya Brass Lamp Traditional Puja Lotus feet Pooja Set Oil Deepak
BrandColorMaterialManufacturerCustomer reviews
AakratiBrown and YellowBrassAakrati4.7 out of 5

Last Few Words:

So, you can see here, we rounded up this post about charming things of brass Indian vases. In this post, you will get to know unknown matters about solid brass vases. When you are representing your tradition, opt for the real product is much more important. Keep reading the whole article and gain enough knowledge about Indian brass vases. Hopefully, you enjoyed this

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