How To Make A Ceramic Vase, What Are Ceramic Vases Used

Ceramic Vase

All humans are true appreciators of beauty. So there is barely any of us whose house doesn’t adore a ceramic vase. From ancient to modern, one thing is constant in decoration: a flower in a vase. And among all vases, the ceramic vase is the most elegant and durable.

As an alternative to glass, ceramic was invented in Egypt around 3500 BCE. From then, the most used product is a ceramic vase. People use the ceramic-made vase for almost everything, from the reservoir to decoration purposes. For example, a ceramic vase with a lid is used for holding water.

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Ceramic vases are multi-purpose, but nothing can enhance your house’s beauty more than a ceramic vase. Both colorful and ceramic white vases add glamour to a room. How to make a ceramic vase, ceramic vase ideas, and many more are discussed in this article. To know all about a ceramic vase, stay with us!

What Are Ceramic Vases Used for?

When it comes to ceramic vases, the usefulness knows no bound.  Usually, ceramic vases are trendy because of the advantages it provides. Even ceramic glass is popular in manufacturing kitchen appliances like crockpots and cookware. In addition, modern astronomical telescopes use this material because of its endurance.

Let’s see in more detail what a ceramic vase is used for.

Decorating House

Ceramic decorative vases are used for decorating a room, living room, or event. Small ceramic vases are used as table vases and bedside flower vases to add up to the room’s glamor.

Ceramic flower vases are trendy in every interior decoration, from dry to freshly cut; almost all flowers suit ceramic vase types gracefully. Ceramic vases with flowers always give the house a vibrant outlook. So in springtime, decorate your vase with flowers and see the whole room brighten up!

Decorating Garden

Stylish vases like ceramic pitcher vases, blue ceramic vases, large white ceramic vases, etc., are used as ceramic vase fountains. Ceramic vase fountains give the backyard garden and large living room a vintage outlook. So, many houses and places have ceramic vase fountains for decorative purposes. These are even used as living room vases.

Also, we can use ceramic pots, ceramic planters, pots ceramic as ceramic pots for trees. Many households use ceramic vases set for decorating rooms. Planting trees in one of them will add a homely environment.

Decorating The Entry

A large ceramic vase is used both as a reservoir and decorating the living room. Almost every place with a vintage look keeps a large ceramic vase beside its entrance. A Ceramic vase large or tall ceramic vase set can light up any living room’s mood.

Usually, a ceramic vase is used for decoration and holding flowers. But just because vase has a more artistic value now, there are numerous possibilities where we can use vases for other purposes.

How To Make A Ceramic Vase?

A ceramic vase is durable and more user-friendly than other materials. But to make a perfect ceramic vase, we need to know the whole process. So without further ado, let’s learn all about making a ceramic vase.

Get The Materials Ready

To make a ceramic vase, you need to know which material to use first. Any clay will do, but polymer clay is more preferred.

The process of making a ceramic vase is just the same as any other vase. First, you need to mold the clay. Then, after making sure no air bubble is there, move on to the next step.

For the next step, the wheel is essential to get an exact shape. A wheel helps to get a desired ceramic vase shape. But the wheel is not a must. You can easily bend clay to its preferable shape with your hands.

Give It A Permanent Shape

The next step is to dry the clay. After the clay is appropriately dried, one needs to burn the clay, shaped into vases. Though there is a special oven for clay, a regular oven will work as long as the temperature is maintained correctly.

Burning gives clay material a permanent structure. So, burning the clay is a must. After doing that, comes the decoration part.

Decorating The Vase

Vase decoration vastly depends on the creator’s idea. But for some more design, Pinterest and google is a very reliable source. For a ceramic vase to paint, any color is preferable, other than watercolor.

Mixing Color

Usually, experts prefer sticky colors. For a modern white vase, you can use acrylic white color. You need to mix colors with baking soda before painting ceramic or glass vases. You can also curve shapes on a vase wall.

If not, then painting is always a welcomed option. For more vase and glass vase decoration ideas, you can quickly look into Pinterest.

Modern Vase Decoration Ideas

Many things can be wrong with coloring, such as shade can be too dark or too fade. In addition, the thickness can be a problem that might ruin the vase’s appearance.

To avoid this problem, you can leave your vase black and white. And to create a black ceramic vase, add a little black color with clay. Of course, the same goes for the white ceramic vases.

For inspiration, look for modern vases. Almost all of them are in black and white vases. Black and white colors naturally give an apartment a cozy and post-modern outlook. For vase decoration, you should consider the color and simple ideas from Pinterest.

How To Make A Vase Waterproof

Ceramic vases are primarily used for holding flowers. But, freshly cut spring flowers need water. So, ceramic has to be waterproof for that purpose. Not to mention for planting ceramic pot, sealing the vase is a must.

In addition to that, many use a ceramic vase with a lid to hold water, wine, honey, etc. Because of that, sealing a vase is a must.

Let’s know how to seal a vase to make it waterproof. Detailed steps are discussed below.

  • Clean the vase with the ceramic cleaner to remove dirt.
  • Pour acrylic floor sealant on a dry cloth and add a layer of sealant on the outer side of the ceramic vase. Let it dry overnight.
  • Add the second layer of sealant after 48 hours of the first layer. Leave no portion untouched.
  • Pour water and leave for 24 hours to check if the ceramic vase leaks again.
  • If any leakage occurs, repeat the steps carefully.

This way, you can easily make your vase leakage-proof.

Top Ceramic Vase Brands

A ceramic vase is a must-have for every household. Some newly designed top ceramic vases are the Agean clear vase, Karraf, Gradient vase, Amphora glass table vase, Taiki dotted vase, Bright ceramicist vase, etc. These are the top vases of 2021 in America. You can gather trendy inspiration from this.

Last but not least, if you want to get all the best-designed vases in one place, be sure to take a look online. Shopping sites like amazon, justartpottery, anamericancraftsman, novica, etc., have the best collection of ceramic vases.

Final Words

The ceramic vase is one of the most ancient decorations still with us almost in every house. It has been used since 9000 BC and is still common in every household due to its artistic value. And when it comes to ceramic vases created with one’s own hands, the value of that vase knows no bounds.

But not all of us are artists. However, we can still get a vase of our liking in ceramic vase wholesale. So, get a ceramic vase today and see the whole room’s environment light up!

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