50 Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Do you know what makes Christmas even more special? Decorating the home to celebrate Christmas. There are so many things to do at Christmas – from setting the table for Christmas dinner to choosing the right Christmas gifts, yet it’s not so stressful.

Christmas is a beautiful opportunity to show your creativity and uniqueness. And the Christmas table should express the season’s pleasure and enchantment. Decorations don’t necessarily have to be costly. If you’re looking for Christmas table decorating ideas. You’ve come to the perfect spot for easy Christmas centrepiece ideas. Just like the other Christmas decorating ideas, these Christmas table centrepieces ideas are simple to put together. These ideas will help spread Christmas cheer in your house.

1. Elegant and straightforward berries DIY

Make a pedestal cake stand and add red holiday fruits of your choice. Then, use graduated scented candles to create a beautiful centrepiece that will delight your friends.
2. Aspen Glow French Country Holiday Table Decor
All of us have seen the magazine spreads featuring extravagant Christmas parties. Unfortunately, these extravagant tablescapes are impossible to create with limited time and budget. These Christmas table centrepieces DIY is perfect for those who love to host parties that look like millionaires but don’t want to break the bank.
If you are looking for unique Christmas centrepieces, this idea will help you bring holiday beauty to your home that matches your style. You have many options for reusing materials and jars that you already have, as well as fresh greenery from your yard. This simple white planter of evergreen cones and fronds is an excellent choice for an understated appearance. A silver cord wraps candles to add sparkle. This standout Christmas arrangement idea only requires natural light.

3. Glitter Votives

These glitter candle holders for DIY are sure to brighten up your table this Christmas, New Year’s, or any other celebration. This glittery votive can be made in a matter of minutes and will make your table sparkle this Christmas. You only need a few items and patience to decorate candles.

You can use glitter votives as a Christmas centrepiece table that sparkles instead of a lavish floral centrepiece. You can achieve this look by spraying golden glitter paint on the bottom of a glass votive. Then, fill with tealight candles once dry and cut poinsettias.

4. Tiny Trees

The Christmas season presents a problem if your space is small. If you don’t have enough room, fill for a regular-size tree, it may be necessary to sacrifice your couch. While a small tree may feel more peaceful, But don’t fret! When done right, miniature Christmas trees can still be festive.

Lined up on a galvanized tray, foot-high, yew trees with root balls in moss look new—anchored with white or purple eggplants for an all-natural centrepiece.

5. Mason Jar Centerpiece

These glitter metallic centrepieces make great additions to Mason jars. These centerpieces are easy to make with a few basic craft supplies and no technical skills.

You can make this easy, inexpensive Christmas centrepiece using recycled glass jars. Fill them with artificial foliage, berries, and branches. Then, sprinkle with glitter. You’ve created a centrepiece that will endure throughout the Christmas season.

6. Rustic Wood Tree

For small tealight candles, drilling small holes on the length of the log you have chosen to fill will allow you to place your tealight candles on top of the log. To create the holes, you will need a 1-1/2″ diameter paddle.

This rustic DIY tree will be a perfect addition to any Christmas decor. You can adorn the wood tree in any way you want. For example, you can decorate it with ornaments, pinecones, and faux evergreen branches.

7. Amaryllis Beauty

There are many reasons to gather around a festive table and enjoy a deliciously prepared Christmas meal. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Eve, a beautiful tablescape and tasty food are essential seasonal elements. This super-simple amaryllis decoration can help elevate your kitchen table from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The tall cylindrical vase is clear and tall enough to support amaryllis blooms—wrap cranberries around the base and a bright red ribbon at its waterline. You can continue the holiday theme with spring greenery.

8. Citrus and Candle Centerpiece

You can add some standout decor to your home to bring holiday cheer. Your fireplace and your Christmas tree will get most of your decorating energy, but a stunning tablescape can make a significant impact on your space. Of course, a stunning centrepiece is the heart of any beautiful tablescape.

If you are looking for Christmas centrepiece ideas that appeal to all senses, this citrus and candle centrepiece idea is the one to check out. For a natural-inspired tabletop arrangement, use pillar candles, evergreen branches, and pinecones on a rounded edges mirror.

9. Pretty Pinecone Trees

You can find the most beautiful creation of Mother Nature in your backyard. The Pinecone. Once you have it, create one of these festive, fun DIY trees.

The best thing about pine cone trees is that they are highly affordable to make. As a result, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on materials.

A quick coat of paint can transform backyard pinecones into a charming farmhouse-inspired centrepiece. First, make as many pine cones that you wish, then cut wood skewers to lengths of 2-4 inches. Then push one end into a hardware nut. Attach the hardware nut to the pinecone base using hot glue. Next, make pinecone trees by drilling a small hole in a woodball and inserting the other end into a woodball. Once you have created as many pinecone trees as you wish, paint each one with white glue.

10. Display of greenery candles

Sometimes, the most straightforward arrangements make the best impression. Faux greenery can be layered down the middle of the table. Accentuate with white pillar candles or pinecones to create a sophisticated look. The candles can be placed on rustic wood slices to increase the height of the display.

11. Paper Trees

Paper Christmas trees are a great way to decorate your home in a festive Christmas atmosphere. They’re not only gorgeous, but they’re also simple to create.
This DIY Christmas table decoration can be done as a quick craft project. Simply make a display of paper trees in a range of colours. Then, fill the bowl with faux snow, and place the trees in it. Finally, your; Christmas centrepiece is complete.

12. Potted Plant

It’s a beautiful way to bring some Christmas cheer to your home. A Christmas display plant can be a lovely gift for anyone looking to brighten up your home with greenery or seasonal flowers. Potted plants can last for many months indoors. You can also transplant some into gardens.

You only need to make one trip to the local garden store to create this Christmas centrepiece. First, get small spruce or holly and place it in a cheerful red pot. Then, it’s ready to be brought to the Christmas table!

13. Tower of apples

It doesn’t take a lot to create a stunning holiday table. For a simple Christmas display, green apples make the perfect colour. For a wintery feel, fill a glass container with apples. You can place the container on a bevelled edge table runner that also serves as a mirror. Then, arrange them on the table with ribbon, candles, and other decorations. Finally, add greens, ball ornaments, and candles in different sizes.

14. Farmhouse Feels

Everybody knows that an old farmhouse, with all of its quirks and charm, is the ideal place to celebrate the holiday season in real life. Because farmhouse architecture is timeless, there are many nostalgic touches. For example, you can add homemade stockings from the vintage ornaments that bring back childhood to the holiday decor.

Even if you don’t live in an old farmhouse, you can create farmhouse-inspired decorating to give your rooms the same feel. So, it doesn’t matter where you live; you can still make a farmhouse-like atmosphere.

The modern farmhouse dining table has a frosted tree centrepiece and snowflake place cards. A black-and-white striped runner completes the look. The x-back wooden dining chairs come with a mini pine wreath and a burlap bow.

15. Christmas Classic

Your holiday table will be distinguished by a unique Christmas centerpiece. And it is essential for any festive meal that includes matching tableware, soft candlelight and fresh Christmas flowers. It improves the flavour of your meal. Your tables may be decorated in a variety of ways.

Such as a beautifully arranged centrepiece with red roses will bring the joy and love of classic red roses to your holiday table. Red roses are available year-round at grocery stores and floral shops. In seasonal arrangements, you can use them with evergreen cuttings such as cedar or pine.

16. Simple Lantern Centerpiece

Lanterns can add rustic charm and character to your porch or house. These DIY Christmas lanterns are easy to re-use throughout the year. Then, you can just decorate them for the holidays. It’s so simple to add seasonal decorations to any room without remodelling the whole area. These cute Simple Christmas lantern centrepiece decorations are the perfect way to brighten up home during this holiday season.
An elegant centrepiece for a rectangular dinner table is a trio of candle-filled lanterns, two identical and slightly taller. They are interspersed with greenery, pinecones and make a striking holiday centrepiece. Bonus: This arrangement can be used all year round, as it is wintery and not too holiday-themed

17. Keep it casual

Silver candle holders with red pillar candles and white vases loaded with fresh flowers grace this holiday table. The space’s plaid dining chairs and artwork make a statement, so a casual centrepiece spread is an excellent complement to it.

18. Simple and Seasonal

Any tablescape can be enhanced with a mistletoe arrangement. Combine hypericum berries stems with pine branches and sprigs. The arrangement should last for approximately 1 to 2 weeks if the water is maintained fresh and the stems are trimmed at an angle every other day. You can find vintage thermos-style containers at yard sales or thrift shops, and they make great festive containers.

When placed along the table’s length, a single garland of preserved wood studded with pine needles creates an informal arrangement. To create a traditional Christmas atmosphere, scatter a few red ornaments and votive holders around the table.

19. Boxwood Beauty

Most people associate them with Christmas. It is not just a Christmas time staple, however. Boxwood is an excellent plant to use in wreath designs throughout your home.

20. Energize with Color

What is the newest trend in decorating? Decorate with unexpected Christmas colours. Bright bottle brush trees can be used to decorate the table with all the colours of the rainbow or just a few. For added visual interest and dimension, you can choose different heights.

21. Simple DIY Christmas Centerpiece Gift Idea

You can skip glitter and dress up the table with natural evergreen arrangements and dried twig arrangements. These are wrapped in gift bags decorated with twine and stars that feature star accents. Matching tapers are completed with matching white bottles.

22. Get a Pitcher

On this Christmas breakfast nook table, a tarnished porcelain pitcher acts as a vase for red hypericum berries and silver dollar eucalyptus. Berry stems can be used to add seasonal flair to any space or table.

23. Dried Orange Garland

This easy-to-make dried orange slice garland will give your Christmas decorations a Scandinavian feel.

Oranges make a beautiful accent for holidays, no matter if you are decorating or cooking with them. You can make a simple but festive dried orange Christmas garland that you can drape anywhere you like. And your orange slices will last for approximately two years if they are properly dehydrated.

24. Cranberry Candles

Place five votive candles in a row down a rectangular red serving dish to create a stunning centrepiece. Fill the remainder of the container with cranberries. Finally, garnish with some pine twigs, and sprinkle with artificial snow.

25. Colourful Baubles

Fill a silver bowl and fill it with brightly coloured ornaments to create a vibrant centrepiece. Next, cover the bowl with evergreens and holly, and place it on a cake stand.

26. Card-Display Tree

Christmas cards have become a favorite holiday tradition. Suppose you are looking for a way to display all the holiday greeting cards that have been sent to you from family and friends. Of course, they’ll look fantastic propped up on your holiday table, but if you are looking for creative DIY Christmas cardholders, then you can grab that idea.

You can display Christmas cards on a “tree” centrepiece made from twigs from your yard. Place twigs in a vase or pitcher, then clip or tie the cards to the ends. You can add holiday colour to the display by weaving a piece of rickrack or a red ribbon through it.

27. Classic Cloche Centerpiece

You can finally make a stunning garnish display with just a few Christmas elements. On a plate, arrange a big ball ornament, one rose, and a few evergreen stems. Cloche the arrangement. Then, place a unique Christmas stem in a water tube to preserve the rose’s freshness.

28. Fresh green holiday table setting with candle centerpiece

Nestle frosted pinecones, green hydrangea, pears, and white amaryllis into a length of faux pine for an elegant winter centerpiece that captures nature’s beauty. Wrap white pillar candles in green vellum and place them on saucers, then add a pinecone to each site setting for extra playfulness.

29. Winter whites

A beautiful winter centerpiece is made out of white chrysanthemums and white pine (Pinus strobus) branches. In the middle of a wooden box, a birch-looking pillar candle supports this arrangement.
Arrange by cutting florists foam to suit the top of the container. Then, sprinkle the foam with water and put it in the basin. Insert the candle in the center, followed by pine branches or mum stems. You may pick from white spider chrysanthemums to white football, white, or white gardens. You can apply a small amount of dusty grey-green paint to the edges for a final touch.

30. Holiday Tiers

You can use this idea to design your tiered stand for Christmas. Tiered stands can only hold limited items. Tiered stands to have fewer items. You can decorate your tiered stand for Christmas in minutes. Decorate your family gatherings with a tiered-stand Christmas. Display your favorite Christmas cards, along with small ornaments and artificial greens on a tiered base.

31. Photo centrepiece in black and white

Personal touches are the best way to improve your holiday decorating skills. Of course, nothing is more personal than family photographs. You will feel energized year after year by decorating your tree with simple-to-make ornaments.
Family photos should be the centerpiece. Take a trip down memory lane with photos from Christmas past. You can place two photos side-by-side on memo clips so that you can see the picture from any position. Use frosted gel memo cubes, clay or clay to set photos on a cake plate or stand.

32. Pyramid of Ornaments

This festive Christmas pyramid box ornament is suitable for use on trees or as part of other decorations. These ornaments look beautiful when they are displayed in a group.

On top of the compote, create a pyramid with solid-color ornaments. Connect the ball embellishments using a hot glue gun or scrapbooking glue dots. You should use evergreens to fill up the gaps. Decorate votive holders and candlesticks with matching ball decorations to complete the effect.
Decorations for holidays do not have to be expensive. Your Christmas decorations can last for years if you keep them in good condition. You can make your decorations look new again by using items you store. In addition, you can reuse old decorations to create a unique look. Such as your old light bulb.

You can use an old light bulb as a quick Christmas centrepiece. Fill a glass dish with one pillar candle and decorate it with rays of festive color.

33. Simple Floating Centerpiece

This DIY Christmas centrepiece looks festive and is super simple. It will just take you 5 minutes to prepare. These candles add elegance and style to your Christmas centrepiece table without costing much.
This centerpiece is easy to create in just a few minutes. Place roses and some evergreen twigs in a clear container and put distilled Water. Leave about 2 inches for the floating candle. You can make a portable decoration by placing the flowers on a tray or platter.

34. Snowy Scenes

You can create a white Christmas with inexpensive glass cylinders purchased at a craft store. You can place one cylinder in a larger one and then add a layer of fake snow between them. Finally, you can nestle some greenery on top. Place a pillar or battery-operated candle in the middle cylinder. You can group different sizes of cylinder containers for your display.

35. Scrapbook Paper Trees

You have made many holiday decorations and Christmas crafts, but you still have scrapbook paper. Then, you can make this adorable Scrap Paper Christmas Paper Tree Craft. This craft is versatile and fun.
String it on and make an ornament for your Christmas tree. Put it on your Christmas card as a decoration. Form many to make a garland. The Scrap Paper Christmas Paper Tree Craft is great for making ornaments. You can use scrap paper, ribbon, or other materials.
Make a tabletop display of holiday-themed scrapbooking papers. For example, to create cone-shaped “trees,” simply fold and cut papers. Double-sided tape can be used to secure seams.

36. Luminaria Glow

Winter is getting shorter. This winter, light up your porch to welcome guests with gorgeous DIY paper bag luminaries. These handmade luminaries have a soothing effect and are great for lighting up your holiday season.

You can make luminaries out of simple white paper bags if you are thinking of cheap Christmas table centerpieces. First, use a big scalloped edge punch to embellish the bags. Then, using tape, thread the ribbon through the perforations. Instead of using candles, use battery-operated tealights.

37. Woodland Table

Decorating for holidays can be a great way to express your creativity. You can make your table elaborate or simple, modern or traditional, or you can keep it neutral or colorful. You can also take it all down at the end of an evening and design something new. You have the opportunity to experiment with colours and styles on the surface where your family will gather to enjoy a meal.
Like this woodland table, It takes minimal effort to create this Christmas centerpiece. Around the focal point, such as a log or a pile of stones, a foundation of live moss, available online or through florists, should be placed. Although the moss will stay green for several weeks, it can be shed. As a result, you may use a protective covering to cover it.
Extra materials may also be found at craft shops, nurseries, and in your own garden. Place fern cuttings and small potted houseplants into crevices. Sprinkle pinecones and acorns, real or fake, in crevices. Plant a few ceramic toadstools. Finally, add a glass bud vase, votive candles, and tapers to sparkle and color arrangement.
38. Berry Red Display
In the center of a dish filled with red cranberries, place a single red rose. Place the stem in a florist’s water tube to keep it fresh. A few evergreen sprigs provide a pop of color.

39. Candlestick Cones

Although these little Christmas Tree Cone Candlestick Trees are small, they can add Christmas spirit to your home. They are also straightforward to make.

For a sparkling display, top silver candlesticks by adding silvery-painted pinecones. Apply several thin coats of metallic silver spray paint to numerous silver candlesticks on a tray for a glistening display.

40. Glass Gift Centerpiece

These Glass gift centrepieces are easy to use for Christmas centerpiece tables that will make your table shine. These easy Christmas centerpiece ideas are great for any table, no matter how traditional or minimal you have decorated the table.
For a dramatic centrepiece, place solid-color ornaments in a clear glass vase. Then “serve” them on a silver tray. Finally, wrap the display with matching ribbon and sprinkle faux snow on top.

41. Easy Flower arrangements

Wrapping coffee cans in paper and decorating them with ribbon will allow you to make your own custom flower arrangements. Fill with cheap white carnations and baby’s breath as well as evergreens you grow in your yard.

42. Pretty Platter

Your kitchen might be the room you overlook when it comes to Christmas decorations. It is easy to make your kitchen look festival. However; however, it is best to keep the kitchen simple, as so many people come and go through it every day.

Decorate a tray with silver ornaments to create a DIY tablescape. For a simple but elegant centrepiece, add evergreen boughs.

43. Snowflake Hurricane

A warm, inviting glow of candles is key to creating a beautiful Christmas dinner table. Candlelight brings warmth to any space and makes people feel more at ease. It is a key to, finally, hosting a memorable holiday celebration.
Snowflake hurricanes can be done quickly and are lovely to look at. You can create modern Christmas decorations on clear hurricane candle holders by using white tape, stickers or other craft store supplies. Then, add brightly colored ornaments and tinsel to accent the silver tray.

44. Homespun Cheer

It is home to many antique collections and handmade ornaments. A galvanized container with faux pine branches, citrus fruits, tapered white candles, and a string of tapered candles look rustic and homey for holidays. You can place cranberry-filled glass vessels at the end to elevate the festive tablescape.

45. Cloche for the Snow Globe

Children love snowglobes and are even more excited when they’re handmade. You can find most of the materials needed for this project at home. The magical effects of snowfall are always captivating, regardless of whether you’re outside or inside this toy. You can create a winter scene from scratch with homemade globes.

A cloche may be turned into a snow globe with a few DIY supplies. First, place a snowman ornament onto a layer of snow. Next, cover the trim with a bell-shaped cloche with rhinestone gems. Finally, to complete the arrangement, scatter snowflake confetti.
Glycerin is one of the key ingredients in any snow globe. It is a clear liquid made mostly from vegetable oils used to reduce the effects of glitter and shaken water to create snow. Stir it and watch the snow swirl inside.

46. Card-Display Tree

Display Christmas cards on a “tree” centerpiece made from twigs from your yard. Place twigs in a vase or pitcher, then clip or tie the cards to the ends. You can add holiday color to the display by weaving a piece of rickrack or a red ribbon through it.

47. Fragrant Light

Add a festive glow to your house with a Christmas candle. These cozy winter scents will fill your living area with fragrance.

Make a festive centerpiece for Christmas with a red candle. First, makeSo give a bed of artificial evergreen leaves by cutting and weaving them together. The candle should be placed in the middle of the branches. Then scatter a variety of ornaments, bells, and pinecones all around the stems. If desired, tie a ribbon around the candle.
48. Clear Glass Sparkle
You can use a collection of clear or lightly tinted glasses bottles to create a beautiful centerpiece. Add small glass balls to the top and a sprig or other greenery. A colored linen napkin tops everyday white dishes to make them look elegant and fresh.

49. Snowy Scenes

A snow scene craft is a great Christmas decoration, and it’s easy to make. It’s lovely to feel and play in handmade snow. It is enjoyable for kids to play in. You can create a magical snow scene using it as a centerpiece of your Christmas table.

You can create a white Christmas with inexpensive glass cylinders purchased at a craft store. You can place one cylinder in a larger one and then add a layer of fake snow between them. Finally, you can nestle some greenery on top. Place a pillar or battery-operated candle in the middle cylinder. You can group different sizes of cylinders for your display.

50. Festive Tulip

Tulips are usually considered a spring flower, but they make a spectacular Xmas arrangement if you can find them. For maximum contrast, place red tulips alongside pine branches and snowberries (or any other white berries). Place the arrangement in a metal pail and tie a white ribbon around it.
Bottom Line
Christmas is the best opportunity to showcase your talents and creativity. There are many Christmas centerpiece decorations that you can choose from, including those that help you find the right spot for holiday lights or create eye-catching table settings. By doing these easy Christmas centerpieces unique ideas will make you feel festive.

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