Interesting Facts About Cone Shaped Glass Vases | You Should Know

When it comes to decorating homes, the idea of arranging vases comes to mind first. Floral arrangements in elegant vases can add value to your home or any other event centerpiece.

But picking the right shape of vases is very important to complement the blooms. Vases are designed in multiple sizes, shapes, styles, materials, and colors. Pick one that can complement your blooms and location also.

No matter what you are choosing vases, a perfect DIY floral arrangement can be a tint of creativity. Whatever you might have heard about cone vases. Cone vases have been widely used since the ancient era. They are the perfect source of carrying natural beauties to your place.

However, today, we gotta come here with the interesting factors you would love to know about large glass cone vases. Go through this post and know mysterious information.

What Are Cone Vases:

As their name implies, cone vases come with a unique design of the cone-like shape. They are elegantly hand-blown with crystal clear cone-shaped glass. They are designed with a wide top and a narrow neck to hold flower stems. Most importantly, glass is the common material that comes with timeless styles and designs of vases. Cone vases need stands in order to stabilize in place.

Cone-shaped glass vases were first initiated in Iran in the 19th century. From then the vases became popular with their different shapes. In the Chalcolithic Period, they come from the site of Tall-i Bakun A. They were finely made with durable materials and crisply painted making them perfect for geometric decorations. These vases are available in both short and long shapes. The classic shape of cone vases looks perfect in all decorative settings. You can arrange the vases with different colored blooms, greenery, and foliage. They make a sense of incredible beauty in your home or any event centerpiece. The eye-catching beauties of colorful blooms add value to your home. You can make your own design to decor your home elegantly with these contemporary cone vases. Make your arrangement more appealing by embellishing the vases with colorful ribbons, twine, and other decorative arts.

What To Put In A Cone Shaped Glass Vase?

Knowing the perfect floral arrangements is very important for all decorative settings. No matter what you are decorating, a perfect floral arrangement is crucial to complement your location. When it comes to choosing the flowers to display in cone-shaped glass vases, you should make the floral arrangements depending on the size of the vase and blooms also.

Give a rustic look by arranging subtle blossoms on the beautiful vases. You can also create a traditional sense using Magnolia leaves or seeded eucalyptus. It gives a unique touch and texture to your decoration. Also, go for some foliage and leafy stems in order to get a realistic look. Let’s talk about the floral arrangements for a large glass cone vase:

  • Pink carnations
  • Yellow sunflowers
  • Myoporum flowers
  • White daisy pompons
  • Light yellow spray roses
  • Dagger Fern
  • Red roses
  • Light pink spray roses
  • Hot pink Mokara orchids
  • Lush mixed green foliage
  • Green and pink hydrangea blooms
  • Snapdragons
  • Asiatic lilies
  • Peach stock
  • Fritillaria
  • Sweet pea
  • Muscari
  • Lavender roses
  • Brownie tulips
  • Lisianthus stems
  • Violet carnations
  • Eucalyptus stems

These floral arrangements look so amazing in cone vases. So, it’s your turn to make your arrangements more appealing and give them your own touch.

Why Use A Cone Shaped Flower Vase?

Cone vases are one of the cost-effective options for all decorative settings. Cone vases come with a stand to hold out the vase. Thus, the vases can also be used for decorating walls with the help of stands. You can use 3 different shaped cone vases for hanging on the wall. It’s truly a unique concept! The hanging vases provide a stylish glance to the room. Come in varied sizes and styles the vases are perfect for all decors you want.

Made of clear glass, the vases allow sunlight to enter the vases. That’s why the flowers get enough sunshine to stay fresh for a long time. You can also add water to the vase for keeping the blooms green over time. But keeping the water fresh and clean is highly recommended for glass vases. You should change the water frequently and cut the stems to enrich the beauty and freshness of the flowers.

The appealing matter is cone vases come with small yet gorgeous nature. You can also display leftover flower stems to fill up the vases. They perfectly fit on small tables. Create the arrangements with a colorful flowery touch. Let us talk over the use of cone shape glass vase replacement:

Decorative Settings:

The versatile cone vases suit well perfectly in all decorative settings in your home or upcoming events including:

  • Seasonal decor
  • Event decor
  • Baby shower decor
  • Centerpiece
  • End table decor
  • Wedding decor
  • Coffee table decor
  • Bridal shower decor
  • Birthday parties

Gift Giving:

You can also use these elegant vases as a perfect present. Send the vases to your beloved persons and make them happy. Make them the perfect gift for:

  • Hostess
  • Housewarming
  • New baby
  • Mothers Day
  • Birthday
  • Engagement
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Couple or bridal shower
  • Thanksgiving
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Get well or condolences
  • Retirement

How To Arrange Flowers In A Cone Shaped Vase With A Stand Trumpet Vase:

Cone vases come with a dramatic shape that is quite easy to decorate. The dramatic cone shape gives the vases a unique look and texture.

  • First, cut down the floral foam so that the floral arrangements fit on the top of the cone vase.
  • You better use a flexible plate that will work as a base for the foam. As the cone vase itself doesn’t include a base, the plastic plate helps to build out the arrangements before putting blooms in the vase.
  • Start by adding foliage and greenery to the floral foam. Then make a unique arrangement with lavender roses. It looks amazing in crystal clear cone shaped glass vases.
  • Arrange the top with carnations and add lisianthus stems all over the vase.
  • Decorate the side and top of the vase with eucalyptus stems. Make a smooth level as well as elevate the volume.
  • Big bushy varieties look great in cone vases. For example, lilacs are perfect for cone vases.
  • Arrange all the flowers at a sharp angle to hold down at the vase uniformly. 
  • The top arrangements also look stunning with ivy. But don’t forget to trim the stems uniformly.
  • When adding flowers on the top, work in a circle. Be sure to fill the vase at every angle.
  • Try to make unique arrangements using different varieties of flowers and blooms. When adding different colorful blooms, make sure you are not using the same color blooms in one section.
  • If you want to give additional texture to your decoration, you can add some peach hypericum berries. It gives a different touch to your arrangements.
  • You can display yellow sunflowers on the cone vases by creating a triangle shape. Make sure to balance every angle of the vase.
  • Myoporum flower stems look so amazing in large glass cone vases. Use the flowers stem by stem.
  • You can create a lush green touch by adding foliage to the vases. It will give you a naturalistic look at your home. Pink roses suit well with a lush foundation. Add the roses in a circle and maintain the proper balance.
  • Make a combo of different floral arrangements with pink hydrangea blooms and seeded eucalyptus. It gives the place a rustic look.
  • Asiatic lilies also look gorgeous with cone glass vases. Always create a triangle shape when adding Asiatic lilies. Be sure to maintain the balance. Make the arrangements more eye-catching with pink roses. End by adding foliage on the top of the floral foam. If there’s any space, you can give additional depth and texture with different colorful blooms.

Additional Tips:

  • Try to keep the arrangements clean and simple. Make your own style. No need to follow what others do. Create a cohesive look by simply decorating the vases.
  • Mix and match. It is very important. Mix matching the vases based on the location is very crucial. You can create a unique touch by arranging the vases with candles, candle holders, table runners, showpieces, and other decors.
  • Decorate the vases with colorful ribbons, lines of raffia, as well as cards with names.

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Who doesn’t love flowers? When it comes to floral arrangements, vases are a versatile source. So, as you can see, we have discussed here the charming facts about cone shaped glass vases. Last but not least, knowing the perfect floral arrangements is very important to complement your locations.  Therefore, we gathered the post with unique arrangement ideas for cone shaped glass vases. Go through the post and make a perfect sense of texture to your home or upcoming events.

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