Fascinating Things About Crystal Bud Vases: Everyone Eagers To Know

What Are Crystal Bud Vases?

A crystal bud vase is one kind of hardstone carving that is carved with rock crystals. Designed with various precious metals like gold and jewels, the vases are costly and rare to find the real ones. This type of vase was first utilized in Europe by sovereignty. From then the sleek rock crystal vases gained popularity.

In the 17th century, a Muslim supporter (Abd al-Malik Imad ad-Dawla) of William IX of Aquitaine gave him a Lend crystal bud vase as a present. After that, in 1137, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the granddaughter of William IX wedded a king named Louis VII of France. The king was given the vase by Eleanor as a wedding gift. Then the vase was offered to

Abbey of St.-Denis. But at present, it exists in the Louvre in Paris. It is known as the only antique of Eleanor today.

What To Put In A Crystal Bud Vase?

Decorating crystal vases is somewhat tricky because often we made mistakes getting them extremely gorgeous. It’s better to keep it simple and original. Today we are with some simple but original ideas about crystal bud vases arrangements so that you can make a special decoration.

  • You can give an original look to your vase with some oceanic elements including shells, seashells, and starfish. You can display them alone or add some candles or sands from the beach. 
  • For a contemporary look, decor the vases with tropical green leaves. It’s far better than flowers as leaves remain fresh for a long time. You can add different kinds of plants and greenery as you want.
  • Do you need something unique? Well! We’ve researched that people used to decorate the vases with different strings. It looks cool!
  • What about the cactus? Isn’t it cool? It’s perfect to exhibit beautiful and elegant green cactus in crystal block bud vases. It looks great on a table or dresser.
  • Do you want to beautify your kitchen? Let’s go for various colorful fruits and vegetables. Festoon a piece of the corner of your kitchen or dining room with these natural components. You may decorate any special centerpiece with these ideas.
  • Use crystal vases to prepare fresh fruit for any family festival or meal. Decorate the dining with them and then eat. It also works as a serveware.
  • For an excellent combination, you can display corn, nuts, and pineapples together in a vase. I suggest using limes, lemons, or oranges as a perfect combo of decoration as they keep a refreshing look for a long time.
  • If you prefer a traditional look, the best way is to decorate vases with different fresh flowers. Try to give a unique touch that will wow your guests for sure.

How To Tell If A Crystal Bud Vase Is Original?

The task of specifying the original crystal bud vases is challenging because some companies used to sell fake vases. It’s important to identify whether the vase is authentic or a cut crystal bud vase. Therefore, we are gonna talk about some easy steps to follow:

Step 1:

First, keep the vase near the light and observe whether there is any reflection of the following colors- pink, blue, green, or violet. If the colors are refracted, be sure it’s a genuine crystal vase.

Step 2:

Authentic vases always carry the manufacturer’s signature, hallmarks, or sticker label. Check out the bottom or upside-down of the vase. If it includes any mark from manufacturing, it is a real product. 

Step 3:

The 3rd step is to identify whether the crystal bud vase is real or fake by checking the hand-blown art crafted on the vase. Examine the bottom of the vase.  Sometimes, artisans put their signatures on it.

Hopefully, these easy techniques would help you to say whether a crystal vase is original or not. Still, if you have confused, take the picture of your vase and ask for crystal identification on various online forums. I hope it will work.

The 5 Best Market-Demanding Crystal Bud Vases:

Here, we are going to discuss the 5 best favorite home-style crystal bud vases for you. Get your own from them.

Here, we are going to discuss the 5 best favorite home-style crystal bud vases for you. Get your own from them.

  1. Lenox Sprig & Vine Bud Vase, 0.95 LB, Multi

Lenox Sprig & Vine Bud Vase, 0.95 LB, Multi

Lenox, the reputed brand comes with a dining and giftware collection to decorate your home which is Lenox Sprig & Vine Bud Vase. It is designed aesthetically with the elegance of vintage textiles and crafted with porcelain nicely. There is a naturalistic combination of birds, flashy colors, and bright botanicals to give a lush English garden feel to your home.

The Lenox crystal bud vase, a deep navy vase, is made of a silver finish that offers a gleaming touch with a flowery paradise. It comes with a multi-collection of plates, bowls, mugs, serveware, and even tea accessories to decorate your dining. You will love to get accessories that are made of durable porcelain and wonderful designs. The Sprig and Vine collection is gonna make an impressive statement in your room. Renew your room with these stunning beauties.

  • Dale Tiffany Nicholas Art Glass Vase

Dale Tiffany Nicholas Art Glass Vase

Dale Tiffany AV11101 Nicholas Art Glass Vase is from the well-known brand Dale Tiffany that is aesthetically designed by skilled craftsmanship as a hand-blown glass vase. The crystal bud vase is 10-inch tall and the length and width are about 10.5-inches. It comes with colorful handmade art glass lighting and accessories. The delicate and vibrant colors of the entire collection are gonna give a dramatic statement in your home.

The Tiffany crystal bud vase offers multiple tones for your home including porch furniture, fireplace screen, window hangings, and mirrors. All the accessories are designed with high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and techniques as well. You will get one year of warranty with a replacement policy if you buy the item from Amazon. So, it’s time to decor your home with this elegant crystal vase to give a refreshing feel to your room.

  • Torre & Tagus Andrea Hand Blown Swirl Baccarat Crystal Vase

Torre & Tagus Andrea Hand Blown Swirl Baccarat Crystal Vase

Torre and Tagus Baccarat crystal bud vases are crafted by proficient artisans to make a garden feel in your room. It has a simple but elegant design of hand-blown art glasses. The top of the vase is designed with a smoked grey color that has enough space to hold a single flower stem. The crystal bud vase is 14.25-inch long with a length and width of respectively 5.25-inches and 8.75-inches.

The vases are available in several designs with different shapes and sizes for floral arrangements to stand out. The soft lines and multi-layered swirl contours of the vase make it unique from others and offer midst & layers to any setting. It comes with finely decorated homemade accessories to decor your dining and gives an elegant look. If you’re looking for a contemporary home decor vase, Torre & Tagus offers you a unique styled Baccarat crystal bud vase for you.

  • Waterford Crystal Lismore Ogham Bud Vase Love 6.1″

Waterford Crystal Lismore Ogham Bud Vase Love 6.1″

Waterford crystal bud vase comes with an Iconic Lismore Design that is crafted by Rich Heritage of Ireland with a ton of accent to use and enjoy. It is called the love bud vase as it is excellent for gifting. The small crystal bud vase measures only 6-inch that can hold 4 rosebuds. In the past century, people used to make special moments with this vase. They gifted the vase as a sign of love and created memories. It weighs only 0.96 ounces that’s why it was perfect to carry as a present.

The vase is also called a 6-inch crystal bud vase that is nowadays used to decorate homes, wedding events, and other event centerpieces. It looks pretty. The brand Waterford gives one year of warranty if you buy the item from Amazon. You can also check out the Waterford crystal bud vase at eBay for your choice.

  • Galway Crystal Bud Vase

Galway Crystal Bud Vase

If you are looking for an eclectic decor combination, the Galway crystal bud vase can be a versatile option for you. It comes with a sleek design with hand-made art glass that measures 13.5-inch tall whereas the width and length are approximately the same 5.5 inches. The simple but gorgeous vase is crafted in Europe by competent artisans. The item weighs only 907 grams. There is enough space to display various flower stems and greenery.

The ransgil crystal bud vases are available in different sizes and shapes to hold plenty of flowers and other decorative components. It comes with numerous elegant accessories to organize your dining. All the items are made of durable materials and are long-lasting also. It’s a bonus for you. So, beautify your home or event centerpieces with these elegant vases. 


Who doesn’t prefer decorating homes? Crystal bud vases can be the best way to decorate your home. So, here we are with the best crystal bud vases with fascinating things you are eager to know about them.


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