5 Reasons The Quality Of Glass Cylinder Vases

Vases can be fantasizing. From decorating the home to design the vase, everything can be prettier. Who doesn’t like flowers?

 Putting flowers in a beautiful vase, won’t it look pretty? Or putting candles in it, the beauty of the candles will increase for sure.

Even one can make dyestuffs. Decorating the vases with colors and designing them beautifully. Well, even thinking of it makes me feel overjoyed. Keeping beautiful vases can help to decorate the home as well. Soothing to your eyes.

Here we are going to feature some of the popular Glass Cylinder Vases and their details, in addition to a buying guide. That will help you to get rid of your confusion regarding buying a vase. Follow the rest!

Eastland Glass Cylinder Vase Set of 3 – Eastland glass cylinder vases

Eastland glass cylinder vases have always satisfied their customers because of their plain structure. It comes in a cylinder shape, a tall vase that may help you to design it anyway.

You can put flowers in it with strings and design it according to what you want. As it is a thin vase, you can organize the flowers in a clearer way. That will make every flower visible and increase the beauty of the flowers.

Also, candles can be put in the vase. The reflection will create comfort and calmness in the room. The lightning also will look good enough to make the environment look beautiful.

You can also dye it, but it will be a little tough as it is thin. But as it gives a clearer view, the dye will look eye-catching as well.

It has a dimension of 9*10.5*7.5, which is not so big but tall enough. Tall vases are more beautiful than small vases.

As it is cylindrical, the opening side is not too wide. Still, round, and even the bottom looks great. It can hold the candles in a place properly too.

The Eastland vases are really plain but tall. If you place them in sequence, it will give a beautiful view. It’s not a bad choice to put these vases in the room.


  • It is visibly clear.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Can dye the vase.
  • It is suitable for putting on candles.
  • Does not cost much.


  • The opening side is not too wide.
  • It is tough to wash the vase.

Stardise 12 Pack Clear Glass Cylinder Vases

Stardise 12 Pack Clear Glass Cylinder Vases

Stardise vases can be found in 12 pack pieces. Most of the vases do not come in too many pieces. Every vase of these packs is the same in quality. You can use them as you want.

To decorate the house or even at wedding halls. It won’t look bad if you organize it at the dinner table while putting candles in it not just that you can also put big flowers there.

The vases are 6 inches in height and 3.4 inches in width. It can take some weight, and the bottom looks great too. But there are not many unique features in the structure.

The vases are clearer even though they are not made of thin glass. They are thick enough so they will not be broken easily. Even made of sturdy glass, which will create some weight as well.

It can take loads too. You can put gems in it to decorate it. It will look great if you put water in it too. The reflection will look great as well.

The vases are individually packed even though they come in 12 pieces. That’s why there is little chance of the vases getting damaged. Also, they are thick. It will be safe to get the vases too.

There are not many unique features or beautiful features here. But plain structure gives a vibe of simplicity. Apart from that, it also gives a vibe of elegance. Stardise vases are beautiful but simple.


  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It is easy to wash.
  • You can save money.
  • The glass is thick.
  • It has a plain structure.


  • It might feel like a waste.
  • Too many pieces in one pack.

PARNOO Set of 3 Glass Cylinder Vases 4, 8, 10 Inch Tall

PARNOO Set of 3 Glass Cylinder Vases 4, 8, 10 Inch Tall

This set of Parnoo vases comes with 3 pieces of vase. Each vase is different in size. But the opening of the vases is 4 inches, and all are the same. They differ in length. The lengths are 4,8, and 10 inches.

As the vases come in different sizes, you can use them for many purposes. And also, you can put them as you want. In the small vases, candles will look better. In the tall vase, long flowers will look good.

The vases are perfect for placing the in-wedding venue or even on any family occasion.

The glasses are clear, and also crystal made. It makes everything on the inside of the vase visible. Easy to clean as well.

It may be the perfect gift for any occasion. Doesn’t matter if it is a birthday party or a wedding, you can give these vases as a gift. It features elegance in its structure.

You can put marbles or gems inside the vase and even the floating candles. It is perfect for dying. The bottom is also round in structure, which keeps it stable.

Even though it has a very plain appearance, its structure makes it reliable. The bottom also gives it a very beautiful appearance.


  • You can wash it easily.
  • You can save money.
  • The appearance is elegant.
  • It is dishwasher safe.


  • The opening side is small.
  • Most of the time, out of stock.

WGV Cylinder Vase- 12 Inch Glass Cylinder Vase

WGV Cylinder Vase- 12 Inch Glass Cylinder Vase

The vase comes in one piece. A handmade vase you will love to have. It has a width of 80 mm and a length of 300mm. It is quite taller than other vases. It has great structure, and especially it is unique.

The vase is 0.2 inches in thickness, but it differs slightly as it is handmade. Even the height and width may change slightly because of that. So, it may come with faults but will not be too visible in the eyes.

It may possess air bubbles due to the making process. Even though the structure may vary with some slight changes, it is a great product as well.

You can use flowers to decorate it. Flowers in it with water will make the vase more enchanting. It will be especially great if you put some small vases around too. Small vases containing candles will look better beside it.

Also, they give a discount, if you find any faults with the vase. Well, size might not be the problem here. As it is thick, it will not be damaged easily. If you see any scratch in it beforehand, you may inform them.

As every best product has the motto to provide satisfaction to customers, this brand has the same motto. So, feel assured.


  • It is tall in structure.
  • The vase is thick.
  • Made of clear glass.
  • It has good durability.
  • It has a stable bottom.


  • It may have faults.
  • The size may differ slightly.

Floral Supply Online – 8″ Tall x 5″ Wide Glass Cylinder Vase

Floral Supply Online - 8 Tall x 5 Wide Glass Cylinder Vase

You can get only one piece of vase that has a length of 8 inches and a width of 5 inches. Its opening side is also wide enough. It’s not too big nor too small.

The vase is moderate in structure. A perfect one to place it in drawing rooms. You can also put the vase on the table to make the environment a lot more beautiful. Putting gems or marble in it can be a great choice.

As it is wide, you can put a number of flowers in it. But do it properly. Otherwise, it may get broken or fall easily. Every vase has its own capacity to hold things in it.

It is cylindrical in shape. But the bottom comes in a round shape. It is also made of sturdy glass and thick glass. It weighs almost 2 pounds, and that makes it a little bit heavy.

The bottom of the vase gives a stable structure to the vase. The vases of floral supply online are also known for their durability.

Because of the thickness of the glass, the space inside the vase decreases, the length decreases to 7.56, And the width to 4.75. Still, with this decrease in width and length, the vase is able to hold many flowers at a time.

With its plain structure and durability, it can show classiness in the room.


  • It has moderate size.
  • Made of thick glass.
  • The width and length are good.
  • It is durable enough.
  • It cannot be broken easily.


  • A little bit pricey.
  • Decreases inside the space of the vase.

MyGift Clear Glass Decor With Gold-Flower Bouquet Glass Cylinder Vase

MyGift Clear Glass Decor With Gold-Flower Bouquet Glass Cylinder Vase

Vases from My gift come with beautiful designs. Well, I’m so much in love with the design. It is really different from all the plain glasses.

It has a size of 4.62 x 4.62 x 9.84 inches. And the bottom comes with a beautiful design in gold color. Some kind of feel, like royalty? Kidding.

But the beautiful bottom is really eye-catching. Once you see it, you can not take your eyes off the vase. The hammered design is too beautiful and classy.

Even though it comes with a design, the vase shape decreases inside. The space inside is lower than its original shape. Still, it is able to hold many flowers in it.

Although the vase is round in shape, the bottom of the vase is flat. The flat bottom gives it a stable condition.

You can decorate your house with it, by putting it in the middle of a table or in the center. It can also become a perfect gift for any occasion.

This beautiful vase can easily draw one’s attention. It can become a highlighted product at your home. Giving your home a sophisticated vibe.


  • It has an eye-catching design.
  • It has a stable bottom.
  • Made with thick glass.
  • Not easy to break.
  • Moderate height and width.


  • It is quite pricey.
  • Washing it is tough.

Buying guide

While buying a vase, you should not only look at the design. There are more features you should look for. The features that will make the vase stand are highlighted more. Some vases come with unique features.

But some may not be that impressive to look at, still durable, and lasts long. That’s why choosing a vase without giving a second thought is not the right thing to do.


There are different sizes of vases available in the marketplace. You may not know what size you want. You may also get confused when you see too many vases of different sizes. You may want to buy them all as well.

But you will not need each of them. So, before buying a vase, know your choice. Tall vases are beautiful to put flowers in. Meanwhile, short vases with wide widths will give the candle a better appearance.


Vases can be made of different materials. Some vases are made of glass, or some may not. Some may be made with thin glass, and some may be made of thick glass. So choose before you buy.

Thin glasses will give the vase a clearer view; meanwhile, the thick glass will protect the vase. Thick glass is tough to break and also see-through. That’s why thick glasses are better to choose.

Dishwasher safe

Well, everything needs to be properly washed to maintain its cleanliness. What if your vase gets destroyed while washing.

Not exactly destroying but damaging the upper surface. After washing, some vases get rough on the outer side. Of course, you don’t want that.

That’s why make sure to know if the vase is water safe or not. If not, then how to clean it.


The stability of a vase is one of the biggest factors you should look for. Some vases get imbalanced easily. Resulting in breaking the vases into pieces.

It is also associated with the place where you are keeping the vase. If you are keeping on the edge of the table, it may fall easily. The bottom structure is main here to keep the vase stable.


Well, the capacity of vases can not be measured. But when you put flowers or candles in it, you will be able to know. Use a moderate number of flowers.

If you put too many things, it may get imbalanced. Some vases can contain water, while some vases are not allowed to. That also depends on the weight of the vase.


Design should be the first thing to look for. Well, a bunch of vases comes with different designs. Especially, neck design varies. The neck can be bent, round, or square. There are more of it.

Mostly round designs are preferable for simplicity. Other designs do not hold many places. Also, there are variations in the design of the body. You can find beautiful designs available in the market.

Reminder vases can reflect your taste, be wise while choosing.


Are all the vases dishwashers safe?

Well, no. Most of the vases are not safe to wash. Washing may make it rough. But quality decides that.

A good quality vase may give you satisfaction. Before buying, know the details.

Can I put flowers on my vase?

Of course, you can. But not too many flowers. Every vase has its own ability to hold things. If you put too many heavy things in it, it may fall.

Try a little demo by putting flowers in it. Then you can get the idea too.

Can I dye my vase?

Are you using a plain vase? If you are, why not dye it? It is a wise choice. Dyeing may enhance its beauty to 1000X.

You can follow different designs too. Know the material of the glass before dyeing it.

Can I put candles in my vase?

It depends on its size. Some vases are really not preferable for putting candles. Especially tall but small-width vases. You may need to get the right size.

Small vases with a little wide width will be perfect for candles. You can even put water in it to make the candles float. It will create a warm vibe.

Final remarks

Vases are mostly kept to beautify the house. It resembles the taste of the owner. Simple, elegant vases may increase the beauty of the room. Meanwhile, too-designed vases may ruin it.

You can also give it as a gift. It will be worth money. Even put them in the wedding hall or at home to make the occasion sophisticated. The choice is always yours.

As it is a part of your taste, make it beautiful. Good taste is always the best of all.

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