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What to expect when making a bulb vase yourself?

How to create your own light bulb vase. it will completely depend on the number of bulb vases you would like to make. This very project will take around 30 minutes, yes, even for a beginner, since it is pretty easy.

It is pretty easy and simple enough to do, with the help of the right tools beside you, it will be almost a piece of cake to make. The best thing about these DIY bulb vases is that these bulb vases have an incredibly charming visual to them; they are bright, beautiful, and give an enchanting look.

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These bulb vases also exhibit the visual of an Eco-friendly and Eco-conscious appeal to them that is because these bulb vases are made using bulbs with used light bulbs that no longer work and these used bulbs give it that rustic, environment-friendly, dazzling look to them. Yes, not only are they incredibly easy to make and build but also give an enhancing and Eco-friendly look to your room, birthdays, and weddings whatever the occasion or reason that might be for you to make them. These DIY light bulb vases are easy, friendly, and simple to make projects that you can make fast.

If you already have purchased the required tools, equipment, and supplies on your hand, this project will have zero cost for you, hence making these light bulb vases even more affordable for you and another reason why you make them. If you’re one of the people who do not have the supplies at hand then you will have to go out and make your purchase of some of the required list of items you need. Even if you are the one to buy you will still probably be looking at a pretty low budget.

Few of the supplies for making the light bulb vases:

  • For safely and precautions keep eye goggles and gloves beside you
  • Choice of string, jute twines
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pliers, scalpels
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pair of flowers you like

Step one for making light bulb vases

The first step in making these light bulb vases is to clear out or empty the continents inside of each of the light bulbs. You need to be extremely careful and precautions while removing the filament inside the light bulb and also the wires which are found inside the bulb. Make sure to be wearing your safety goggles and gloves while doing so and be as careful as you can as you will be handling a glass light, do the task without breaking or making any sorts of cracks in the glass bulb.

Please be very careful as it is the trickiest step while making your own light bulb case project. Presenting you the fair warning – you need to be extremely careful to not hurt yourself or maybe cut yourself in the process.

Shaidur Rahman

There might be other ways to be able to achieve or accomplish this part of bulb vases. One of the ways which worked was to cut the bulb a little using a scalpel. After cutting the light bulb then you can use the pliers that will allow you to take out all the parts which are from inside the bulb. When you have emptied out the insides of the bulbs and the theatre is empty inside, that means you are then ready to convert the empty bulb to hanging vases.

Step two to make light bulb vases

For the second step in this project, you will see a more rustic look in the light bulb vases, this part can easily be achieved using the beautiful, jute twine. However if jute twine does not vibe with your choice of style you may go for a different style, then try using a different string, ribbon, thick lace, or thread, these tricks may work too. You just need to make sure and be careful of the fact that the strands you make are tight enough to be able to glue in place and have a fixed grip without unraveling.

So if you have decided you want your bulb vase to be hanging only one foot lower from the hook from which the bulb vase will be hanging. If you decided that then you will need to cut a string of length that has to be about two feet long. Then you may add an inch to keep the fact for being able to add for the part of the string which is glued to the bulb’s base.

Video Credit: Youtube

Then you will need to use the hot glue gun. With the help of the hot glue gun, you will add a line of glue to sides that are opposite to that of the metal light bulb’s base and then press each end of the string into these lines.

What this will do is, This will create a form of something like a loop from which you can then hang the light bulb vase.

Then please allow your hanging light bulb vase to dry and set fully.

Step three is to decorate the light bulb vase’s Base

In Order to add a bit more charming, fabulous look and then give the light bulb vase a  greater and more polished look, you will need to cover up the hanging string by wrapping a string of another length around the metal base of the lightbulb covering the entire pare. This will allow you to also further secure and have a greater grip on the hanging lightbulb vase to put into place.

The length of the string you will need will completely depend on how big of bulb you have been using.

After figuring it out you are using the glue gun and placing lines of the glue onto the light bulb that you are working in the direction which is the same as of the seams. As you keep on adding the line, you will need to immediately press the string onto it to secure it. Keep on  Repeating this process, until the entire light bulb’s metal base is covered.

Then to be able to create a safety net around the light bulb’s part that you have cut part of, you might even have to glue another length of string to just accidentally ignore jagged edges or get yourself injured or cut, please maintain safety and watch a detailed explanation video.

Step four fill in the insides of Your light bulb Vase

If you’re using the light bulb as a vase for flowers, pots, and plants you can fill it partially with water, and then you can add your flowers or foliage. Of course, a floral light bulb vase is not the only option that is available for you to turn this simple household item into a bright and beautiful piece of easy decoration. You can even stuff the insides of the light bulb vase with bright-colored confetti or whatever or another filling of your choice. It is indeed a great piece of work.

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