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Some people are new to this “bong” word. But people who have been taking cannabis for years are known by the word bong. Even some people know about bongs without s m o k i n g weed.

You might know that cannabis is legal in the USA. By making it legal, people who don’t smoke weed are giving it a try. Sometimes people don’t know what a bong is. There are many kinds of bongs available in the market. Flower bongs are the best among all of them.

What is a Bong? Floral Bong explanation

If you don’t know what a bong is, then here is a great explanation.

A bong is a tool that smokers use during smoking weed. There are a lot of methods available for smoking weed. Not just weeds, you can smoke any herbal substance with the help of a Bong.

The bong is a cool device to smoke weeds or cannabis. T/ob/a c co can also be used in a bong. There are lots of different bongs available in the market. People who love simple designs can get floral bongs for themselves.

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Floral bongs are one type of bong that has flower prints on them. They are flower-printed bongs that look cute. Girls love smoking through floral bongs.

You can get floral bongs for sale on Amazon and eBay. The floral bongs look cute and beautiful. It depends on your preference and choice of what kind of bongs you need.

Types of Floral Bongs in the Market

Bongs are available in various shapes and materials in the market. If you want custom girly bongs then you can customize them from the market. But before buying any bongs from the market, you need to know all kinds of bongs.

You can choose your favorite bong according to your preferences.  China vase bong, flower vase bong, etc are available for you.

Glass floral Bongs

Glass bongs are the most popular and expensive bongs. They are also extremely convenient to use.

Glass bongs are easy to clean.  They don’t have any junk and oil build-up in their material. Glass bongs don’t interrupt the flavor of your weed.

It is also the most common bong in shops. Glass bongs are safe to use. Also, they provide the cleanest and purest taste.

Plastic floral bongs

Another most popular bong material is plastic. Plastic bongs are very common and low in price.

Plastic bongs are particularly durable and easy to use. This bong won’t break even if it falls from your hand. Sometimes plastic bongs can get residue from the weeds. Other than that it is easy to clean also.

They are travel-friendly because they don’t break easily.

Plastic bongs are lower in price than other bongs. You can get plastic floral bongs as well.

Ceramic floral bongs

These types of bongs are much heavier than other bongs. Ceramic bongs are also more expensive than other bongs in the bong shop.

They are delicate and easily breakable. That’s why you have to be gentle with ceramic bongs.

Most people buy ceramic bongs as a showpiece not to use them. But it is a beautiful bong to look at.  These bongs are made in China and many other countries in the world.

Metal floral bong

Finding a metal bong in the market is pretty hard. Because metal bongs are usually not famous.

Still, if you want to use a metal bong make sure to clean it properly. Because the dirt and jumps can’t be seen in a metal bong.

Metal bongs can interrupt the taste of your Bong. Still, you can give it a try.

Resin flower Bong

These bongs are usually made with flowers that are stuck in resin. Resin flower bongs are specially for girls. But boys can also use the Bong as well.

People designed this bong using resin and real flowers. That’s why people call it resin flower bong. This is a beautiful bong, especially for girls.

How to use Bongs

There are different techniques that are usable while smoking through a bong. People who are new to this bong world usually don’t know how to use bongs.

You need a lot of practice to become an expert in this bong smoking. It can look hard on the first attempt. But after some time it will get easy.

1st step: Fill the bong with water

Filling the bong with water is the first step you need to do. Make sure to fill the bong with room temperature water.

Do not use hot or cold water. You can fill the bong from anywhere. You can fill the water through the mouthpiece or the downstream.  Make sure to fill enough water that covers the percolator or the down stem.

Also, make sure to keep enough room left for the tube. You need to go to the next step now.

2nd step: shove the bowl with herbs

Crush your favorite herbs or cannabis. Then pack your bowl with crushed weeds.

Make sure to pack the bowl tightly with a pipe screen. But also make sure not to pack too tightly.

If you pack the bong too tightly, the airflow prevention will make your weed taste bitter.

Step three: attach and light the bowl

Attach your bowl downstream. Then light the bong’s bowl.

You can use a lighter to light up the cannabis. It is called cornering the bowl. Because it’s a great old technique. By lightening the corner, you can keep your bowl lit.

The lighting bong technique will keep the original flavor of the weed. You will enjoy the s/mo/ king session.

Best Floral Bongs Vases

Mini Pumpkin Hookah Glass Vase

BrandMaterialManufacturerCustomer Reviews
GStarGSTAR Hookah4.1 out of 5 stars

Metal Gravity Infuser Complete Set

BrandMaterialManufacturerCustomer Reviews
STÜNDENGLASSGlass, MetalSTÜNDENGLASS4.3 out of 5 stars

Mini Pumpkin Hookah Glass Vases

BrandMaterialManufacturerCustomer Reviews
Sunlight CharcoalGlass, MetalSunlight Charcoal3.4 out of 5 stars

Khalil Mamoon Classic Striped Signature Glass Hookah Vase

BrandMaterialManufacturerCustomer Reviews
Khalil MamoonGlass, MetalSunlight Charcoal3.9 out of 5 stars

Final verdict

As a new Bong sm/oke/r, it can be a difficult task for you. Enjoy your smoking with beautiful floral bongs. You can find them anywhere. 

Plain bongs are boring to look at. That’s why floral printed bongs will make your day. Flower bong vases are the most unique and girly bongs for girls. These bongs will keep you energized with Their cute flower designs. These cute bongs are both for males and females.  We hope you find this article informative.