Vase Drawing Step by Step Tips & Advice For 2022

Nature blessed us with a beautiful gift, that is, the ability to appreciate beauty. Because of this blessing, every household decoration has one thing in common: a vase or a vase painting. From the ancient age to the modern, vase painting has been given the utmost importance by artists. 

Vase drawing is the easiest of all drawings. All you need is a pencil and paper. For an easy flower vase drawing, draw two convex lines with a pencil compass. Then below the lines, draw another convex line facing upward. You already have the shape. Now shade the vase, and then your vase drawing is complete.

Vase drawing has its significance. No matter how easy the illustration of a vase is, little tips will make your sketch more pleasant. Without further ado, let’s dig into the tips for vase drawing.

How Do You Draw A Simple Vase? 

Drawing a vase is very easy.  a simple vase drawing is just a piece of cake. Before drawing a simple vase, we need to define it simply as a simple drawing that can be completed within 10 mins. 

Vase Drawing
Vase Drawing pad

In that definition, almost every vase falls into the sector of easy vase drawing. Here, in this article, you see an easy vase drawing step by step to reduce your trouble. Let’s begin.

  1. First, get a pencil. A 2B pencil will be the best for any drawing. B stands for Black. B pencils are soft and easy to use. H stands for Hard. Skip H pencil as much as possible.
  2. Get a ruler. Draw two straight lines with it. Now, take a pencil compass. Set it on the 1st line and draw a convex line in the direction of the second line. Now, repeat the step for the 2nd line.
  3. 1st and 2nd convex lines will be outward in opposite directions.
  4. Now you have drawn a basic vase shape. For the base, draw another convex line. This line will be curved downward. 
  5. To draw a base, you can rely on freehand drawing. Or you can use a round-shaped object.
  6. You can draw a base curve as you want. But make sure it doesn’t look dis-proportioned concerning other curved lines.
  7. After drawing the body, you need to draw a vase neck. You are free to shape it however you want. If you keep the basic vase shape fixed, the vase neck will look good however you draw.

Vase drawing is the most effortless drawing possible, only if you know the tricks. You can look into vase drawing images, vase drawing templates, vase drawing pics, vase images for drawing, and many more for more information. 

To give your drawing a realistic look, you can add some design. You can look into Pinterest for vase drawing designs and many more ideas. For a video tutorial, click vase drawing easily

Vase Drawing Shading 

Shading is the most vital part of any drawing as it gives a sense of volume in painting. Shading makes your flower vase drawing realistic. By shading, many people presume only to fill the vase portion with a pencil. But that’s not what shading means. 

Shading means precisely how it sounds – to draw shade. So, drawing shadow and light means shading. 

In vase drawing, shade always depends on the source of light. So, find where the light source you imagine for your vase sketch. Remember, where the lights fall are always lighter colored and darker for the opposite of that. For drawing vases more accurately,  You can look into vase pictures for drawing. 

Shading can be tricky. Instead of a pencil sketch, you can also create a charcoal vase drawing. If you are scared of ruining your art by sketching wrong, you can add some flowers to your vase drawing. 

A flower vase drawing in pencil can wander to any messy vase sketch. Drawing vases are the most beautiful if shading is appropriately done. 

Tips To Draw Vase Of Flowers 

A vase is beautiful all by itself. But nothing can be more beautiful than flowers in the vase drawing. If you look into famous vase paintings, you will see almost all of them have flowers in them. Vase drawing with flowers looks complete. To draw a vase of flowers, you need to choose which flower you want to draw first.

Roses are more common in flower vase drawing. Rose is the most magnificent among all flowers, but it is just as complex as its beauty. But if you manage to put a rose in a vase drawing, your art will be a hit with absolute surety. 

A hanging vase of roses drawing in your drawing room can add elegance to your room. But as roses are hard to draw, you can look for simpler flowers to draw for easy flower vase drawing. 

Roses are the symbol of love, passion, purity. But Shakespeare imagined roses as a symbol of death in ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ 

For a rose flower vase drawing, you need to draw a rose first. To draw a rose simply, you can draw a circle, then curve it into the shape you want. Or, you can look for a simple way to draw a rose. It’s your art, so you are the boss. 

For even more stunning vase drawings, you have to find a simple flower. Some simple flowers are tulip, lavender, sunflower, lily, daisy, etc. You can look into flower vase images and flower vase drawing clip art,   for flower vase drawing. 

Nothing enhances your home’s beauty like a beautiful flower vase drawing does. So, follow the flower vase drawing steps by steps described here and gift your friend a flower vase drawing card!

Vase Drawing With Color

What can be more attractive than a colored painting, right? So, learn vase drawing with colors and turn your vase sketch into a stunning color vase drawing.  

For colored vase drawing, the basics are the same. Shading and other concepts are the same, just in color. Flower vase drawing colors will get easier if you follow a simple trick. 

If your vase color is white or light-colored, draw the flowers in a darker color. And vice versa. For example, if you draw your vase in a dark color, close to black, flowers will be just in the opposite color, almost comparable to white. Following this tip, you can ensure color balance in your art.

If you are out of ideas, the internet can always offer flower vase drawing images with color. 

Exceptional Flower Vase Drawing

Usually, normal-shaped vases are all so Simple. They all come in two uniform convex-lined simple designs. But there are some exceptions. They are face vase, Chinese vase drawing, Japanese vase drawing, greek vase drawing, etc. 

A few characteristics will be discussed here to identify vases quickly. The greek vase is the most ancient one, so it comes with two hands to hold a vase. These vases are enormous in volume just before the neck. Keeping this in mind will make greek vase drawing easier for you. 

A face vase is one kind of greek vase that creates an optical illusion of a human face shape. For face vase drawing, you can use a trick. The trick is to draw two identical human faces facing each other. Another type of face vase is a vase with a human’s face.

A Chinese vase is giant in shape. It is almost identical to a greek vase, but it does not have any hands. Most Chinese vases have blue designs on a white base.

A Japanese vase is almost like a Chinese vase but usually comes in a smaller size. They are traditionally dim-colored. Nearly every Japanese vase design comes with significant art. 

Keep these characteristics in mind, and you will be able to draw any vase you want.

Some Drawing Tips For Vase And More

While drawing a vase, it often happens to have an unanswerable mark on the drawing. Take advantage of this accident and turn it into a broken vase drawing. With proper color and technique, you can even make this art into something meaningful, symbolizing pain and agony. A cracked vase drawing is also just as welcomed.

If you are a cartoon lover, you can animatedly draw your vase. Any kid will surely love a vase cartoon drawing. 

  • You can also draw a dragon or skeleton on your vase. For the skeleton hand, you need to see an image of the skeleton hand and draw it. To make it simpler, break the hand into bones. Focus on one bone, then another. Soon, your art is complete.
  • To draw a dragon, follow the same procedure. Look for images and ideas of how you want your dragons. Then take a pencil. Outline first. If it is too complex for you, you can draw ‘toothless’, the most fabulous dragon ever. Indeed, it’s the easiest to draw! 
  • For beginners, sketching might be complex. To make it easier, hold the pencil softly and draw some straight lines by hand. It will be easier to sketch then.

Following these tips, you can make your vase drawing more decorative and eye-catchy. 

Final Words

From the affluent to the poor, almost every household has one thing in common: a vase or a vase painting. The lack of space in modern apartments encouraged people to keep vase painting for the drawing-room, sometimes, a living room. A vase drawing in the drawing-room will enhance the room’s beauty. What can be more beautiful than decorating your home with your vase drawing? Vase drawing is simple. But following the tips discussed here will make your vase drawing even more stunning. So, follow the directions and remember, you are the boss in your own art!

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