Best Vase Styles For Rose

If you want to showcase your roses in the best possible way, there are lots of vase styles to choose from, all with different advantages and disadvantages.

Fortunately, there are different types of vases that will display roses particularly well, no matter how you want to display them.

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Top rose vase style and ideas

Stable bowl

Almost any type of bowl can make a beautiful home for your flowers, especially if you use them to display long-stemmed roses.

Due to their wide and curved sides, the bowls help to avoid stem wounds as there is no direct contact with anything other than water.

Bowls are also perfect if you don’t have too much space on your table – just place them in small knocks and cranes around your home where they won’t get in anyone’s way when displaying your favorite roses.

Strong concrete

If you want to add a touch of elegance and simplicity to your flowers, concrete vases are a great way to do it.

Made from cement and other natural ingredients, they have a fairly textured finish that feels great on your hands.

Since they look great on any table or countertop, they help bring a natural feel to your home without being too overwhelming.

Most importantly, concrete holds water well so it can serve as an amazing pot for living flowers and plants.

Unique option

Instead of putting your roses in a traditional vase, choose something that is more unique.

Something like this incredibly attractive piece of clear glass with a very modern (or even futuristic) look is exactly what we are talking about.

If you’re looking for a ship like this, try traveling to local flea markets or vintage stores – often a lot of treasure just waiting to be turned into a unique arrangement.

Shiny copper

Copper is a great choice for vases for roses, and not just because it is an attractive color to associate with flowers.

It’s also very easy to clean – wipe with a soft cloth and a little vinegar if needed.

Many copper pieces are handmade, adding a little touch of uniqueness that can fit perfectly with wine decor.

Whether you choose small or large, round or square, an old-style copper vase creates a beautiful display that will add color and life to any room in your home.

Historic Amphora

Although an amphora is empty, it is designed to be beautiful enough to serve as an ornament, which is why it is a style that has been used for thousands of years!

Along with roses, these unique historical pieces provide a stunning visual backdrop for your home or office as well as ample space for them to bloom.

While they are ideal for use in large living spaces thanks to their usually large size, they can also work in smaller apartments where every inch of space is available thanks to the wide size options available with contemporary pieces.

Recycled steel cans

If you want to be eco-friendly and still manage to make your decor look sharp, consider recycled steel can for displaying your roses.

They have a predominantly artistic or rustic look, but they are also quite chic and modern at the same time.

They need a little more love than other donor options because if not taken care of properly they can get rusty.

If you’re ready for it, recycling an old soda or beer is an equally great way to create an elegant (and eco-friendly) design statement in your home.

Bud style for roses

The bud vase is a small alternative to a full-size vase.

Sizing makes it suitable as a desk or side table decoration, but not something you would normally display at an entrance or other prominent place.

Bud shape means that your roses will take up less space and fit snugly in almost any place, so if you are going for small and beautiful, look no further.

Traditional bouquets

Bouquet vases are a traditional design that is great for all flowers and especially roses.

Since these pots can be made with a variety of materials, they complement any type of decor.

Bouquets of roses can live longer and last a week or more when placed in one of these pieces, which has a sturdy and balanced build for lots of stable use.

They are also easy to clean, with wide mouths and soft corners, which is always a plus.

Although most bouquet vases will have about six roses, as in the case of this ceramic bouquet-style piece, there are some large ones that can easily hold a dozen or more.

Geometric glass

A geometric glass vase creates a great focal point for arranging roses.

The clean lines provide a sharp contrast with the more ornate pieces, which can help simplify your design.

If you plan to have lots of roses in your layout, consider one with a large face, but keep in mind that large or hanging flowers on top will capture some of the views inside.

Vase Styles For Rose

Brass pedestal vase

Brass is a classic material for vases, and it can provide a lot of visual interest.

It works especially well with roses because it looks great without being distracted by the sharp colors of the flowers.

That said, you don’t want to put too much (if any!) Water in a brass vase – the metal is at risk of being tarnished.

If you use water on the piece, be sure to dry it after each use so that there is no moisture on its surface.

White pitcher

If you’re looking for a simple, clean alternative, look no further than a white pitcher vase.

White is often used as a background to show other colors in the flower arrangement – blue, red, purple.

With their slender shape and large size, they are suitable for bouquets of almost any size.

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