Where Are Vases In Fortnite

Vases in Fortnite play a significant role. After all, you get the chance of winning skins of Marvel characters by breaking them. So all you need to do is accept the challenge of Jennifer Walter and fulfill it properly.

Not only Jennifer but also by finishing all the tasks of different marvel character hero’s awakening challenges and as well as by leveling up the battle pass. But to accept the challenge, you must know where are vases in Fortnite.

We will inform you about its location in a more straightforward way to understand so that you can join the challenge too.

Plus, we will also explain how big the map is of Fortnite. Let’s then look at the vase location and map right away.

Get Jennifer Walter She-Hulk Skin

Getting your hands on Jennifer Walter’s she-hulk skin is a piece of cake, especially when you know where you can find the vases.

Let us tell you the most straightforward place where you can find the vase. Camp cod is where to find vases in Fortnite. It’s situated in the south part of the Fortnite map, or we can say at the dirty docs.

Check out the map carefully and look for the camp code right away. On the camp cod, you need to search for the vase everywhere cautiously.

Although the big chances of getting the vase are at the top of the middle part of the camp cod, at that point, you will see a large vase that is visible, and it looks blueish. Smash that vase while you have the Jennifer Walter skin equipped.

Now emote and claim your skin. Completing this task is so simple when you know the exact location where the vase.

Although It’s not the only area of vase kept, there are other areas too. But it takes a lot of effort to search and find them.

Where Are Vases In Fortnite

Well, we already informed you regarding one location where the vase is situated. If you still think you can’t find it, let us help you more.

After landing at the camp, look for a yellow umbrella. When you have found it, know that the vase is very near somewhere.

Keep looking for it with all your focus, and you will find the vase. Don’t worry about the emote if you don’t have the one you need for Jennifer because all your essential emotes will automatically turn into Jennifer’s emote when you break the vase.

How Large Is The Fortnite Map

The most exciting question about Fortnite asked by most players is “how large is the Fortnite map?”. To know the size of the Fortnite map, you need to go through some straightforward calculations.

Although we have already calculated and found out the answer, it’s fun to calculate and find out by yourself.

So instead of giving the result directly, we will take you through the whole process of finding out the largeness of the Fortnite map.

The first thing you need to understand is how it is divided. That’s a 10×10 grid. That makes tiles worth 100 square, which creates the map. You have to build pieces to measure the number of tiles.

If you start building tiles, you will see each of the tiles can build 49×49 pieces. Calculate them to find a sum of 2,401 pieces of the building.

Now let’s think, one tile equals 2,401 pieces. This way 100 tiles will equal 240,100 pieces. But this covers the map, which includes the ocean.

Now minus all parts of the ocean and estimate roughly the land coverage percentage of the tiles covered partially (Y% × 2401). The estimation says you will need 163,000 pieces of the building for covering up the entire map.

It’s now time to measure it from an actual life perspective. It seems that every character of Fortnite is as high as half of a wall’s tile.

Let us assume that 170cm is the average human height there so that each tile could be 11.56-meter square or 3.4×3.4 meters.

Therefore, (~ 163,000 pieces) × (3.4×3.4m) = 1884, 280 meter square. If you convert it to miles, the answer will be .7275 square miles. It’s not a big map, of course.

Final Words

Collecting skins is a great addition. No one would miss the chance of getting free skins, especially when the skin is of a marvel character. Besides, when the way to get it is super easy, you must use the opportunity.

Now that we have guided you and led you to the exact location of vases for Fortnite skin, we hope you can find the vase by yourself and grab that Jennifer Walter skin. So get it tonight and have a happy gaming experience. 

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