White and Gold Vase Reviews in 2022

This white and gold vase has a beautiful and unique style! You can style it on a tray and empty top or you can add the wrong flower to the vase

This set of ceramic vases with white and gold vase accents has a glossy glass that gives them a uniquely sophisticated touch. The gold-plated geographical features are attractive and will catch the eye of anyone who enters your living space.

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These vases have some height and are shaped in such a way that they are highly resistant to tip-over and the glassy ceramic construction makes them durable enough that you can use them outside in most climates and seasons.

Another thing we like about these pieces is the way they are sized. They are both more than a foot long in their center and quite wide, placing them in a medium-sized range which makes them extremely versatile, as they can be used effectively either side by side or individually.

A medium-sized vase can look great as a focal point on a table, mantle, or even the floor, while it can be placed in a way that allows it to blend seamlessly into any aspect of your decor.

For the white and gold color palette – this iconic contrast never goes out of fashion. White is an effective combination of soothing quality and gold to create a friendly, pleasant elegance.

With soft undertones that accentuate the sophistication of the gold and still be authentic for the lighter aspects of the color, the pale white shades can do a lot in terms of minimalist design techniques.

A color scheme is generally considered to be the mainstay of royalty, white and gold not related to luxurious interior spaces and formal gathering areas. With enough highlights to bring some drama and luxury, there are plenty of opportunities to combine white and gold in your decor and these vases are the ideal way to do it.

White and Gold Vase Sizing information

  • Dimensions: 9.5″H x 7″W
  • Material: Ceramic, Metal
  • Small vase – 12.5 inches long, 6 inches wide
  • ¬†Large vase – 15 inches long, 6.25 inches wide

White and Gold Vase Presence

You can get this beautiful pair of vases right now with free shipping via overstock.

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This beautifully crafted 3-D white baroque scroll lift in a matte gold base decorative vase is designed to be part of your memorable estate artistic decor collection that will enhance your passion for design and comfort. Artificial flowers can hold or stand on their own to beautify your home.

The textured baroque scroll leaves a pattern on a strong matte gold band trim flat base that makes a perfect addition to a living space or an entrance. Estate artistic exterior design is sure to make this vase a nice addition to your room.

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